658 Winding Curves

    Chapter 658: Winding Curves

    Lin Yan's smile widened as she watched Lightning's captain overtake her.

    The last lap ahead was full of winding curves. Hence, a racer wouldn't be able to maximize his or her speed.

    Lin Yan, however, would be able to display her skills on such a challenging road.

    Lightning's captain sped on swiftly and swerved slightly to the right by following the curves and corners. He was trying to maximize his speed as he rounded each curve.

    The last few curves would display and test the abilities and skills of the racer. Lightning's captain had indeed performed well, as he had displayed how careful and precise he was.

    Cheers erupted for him and many people stood up to applaud Lightning's captain.

    The cheers weren't meant to congratulate him for defeating a team like the He family team. People were cheering him on for navigating the challenging curves with such skill.

    No one watched Lin Yan at all, and it seemed as though they had forgotten about the competition. Everyone's attention was on Lightning's captain.

    Before the commentator could continue, Lin Yan's silver car came whizzing ahead at an incredible speed.

    Everyone watched in disbelief as Lin Yan's car drifted dangerously while the back tires ignited sparks.

    In less than ten seconds, Lin Yan's silver car had caught up with the car of Lightning's captain and was close behind it.

    The captain noticed the silver car and frowned.

    There was no time for him to think. Thus, he instantly swerved his car to block Lin Yan's path.

    "This woman..." Lightning's captain seemed startled and stunned.

    Was this the racer of a lousy team?

    This woman had supposedly lost to Storm?

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    At that moment, the captain's eyes contained puzzlement and shock. He couldn't master such a technique, let alone apply it during a real competition! Even if it was just a performance, he wouldn't be able to pull it off!
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