659 Does He Think That He Could Block Me?

    Chapter 659: Does He Think That He Could Block Me?

    The only thing that Lightning's captain could do was mimic Lin Yan's previous tactic. As long as he blocked her path, Lin Yan's car wouldn't be able to overtake him.

    "Does he think that he could block me?"

    Lin Yan grinned in satisfaction as she made an extreme swerve to the right. She slammed on the brakes almost instantly and her car immediately drifted to the left.

    It was unexpected and stunning.

    The silver car's back tires had been maxed out by the friction, and it seemed as though the whole car was on fire.


    The car roared ferociously like a beast that had just been uncaged.

    Incredulity and disbelief filled the spectators' eyes as the silver car seemed to defy all notions of space and time. Everything was happening at the same time.

    The silver car had overtaken his car effortlessly as though it was invisible.

    The captain was still on the right, unable to comprehend what he had just witnessed.

    When Lin Yan overtook the captain, the score changed to 2:1.

    After the captain was beaten by Lin Yan, another team member of Lightning immediately sped off to replace the captain.

    In less than 10 seconds, the silver car had vanished out of sight. The second team member looked nonplussed. His expression was actually similar to He Lefeng's expression.

    "What the f*ck! What kind of monster is that woman?"

    When Lin Yan reached the second finish line, the third member's car came roaring to life.

    However, seconds later, he couldn't spot the silver car.

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    The initial buzz that had enveloped the venue had subsided.
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