660 The End Of a Legend And the Start Of a New One

    Chapter 660: The End Of a Legend And the Start Of a New One

    The silver car on the racing track had displayed flawless, meticulous control and demonstrated excellent execution of techniques. The racer had reached the peak in terms of techniques and control.

    Silence hung over the stands.

    No one understood what had happened.

    That silver car seemed to have descended from heaven and had just declared the absolute control she had on the racing track.

    No one would be able to question her skills now.

    Not even God.

    She had been reborn from the flames.

    The silver car stopped before the finish line.

    The last member of the Lightning team had arrived.

    People began to notice that Lin Yan's silver car hadn't gone past the finish line.

    The commentator stammered, "Hold on... Lin Yan's car hasn't gone past the finish line? What is she trying to do? Is that a display of conceit and arrogance? Is she trying to give away her victory?"

    The last member of the Lightning team was delighted.

    Lin Yan was outside her car. Even if she were to get back inside to start her car, it would be too late.

    No one could do that unless they knew how to teleport.

    Something unimaginable happened next.

    The girl retracted her gaze and bowed respectfully to the spectators as they gaped at her in disbelief.

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    As she bowed, her silver car was moving automatically towards the finish line.

    Mo Shuyun swore that he had never met a racer like Lin Yan in all his years of racing. She was just like a magician, a God, or a myth.

    It felt like a dream.

    It seemed as though she had cast a spell.

    In his eyes, Lin Yan was like an ancient magician who had just announced the beginning of her era.

    This was the start of a brand new beginning.

    It was the beginning of an era that belonged to everyone.

    It was the end of a legend and the start of a new one.

    The final member of Lightning felt his mouth open wide as he stared at the empty silver car.
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