661 Her Era And Legend!

    Chapter 661: Her Era And Legend!

    Lightning had been a legendary national team once. Perhaps, its brilliance wasn't as it used to be, but its ability was unquestionable.

    They had met countless opponents with different abilities. They had triumphed over powerful, prestigious teams on their climb to success and beaten both new and young teams. They had once dominated the racing industry by defeating formidable teams with a long history.

    Lightning had crossed paths with almost all the racing teams that had existed.

    They had experienced every race, every scene, every drop of sweat and blood.

    They had laughed and smiled and gone through losses and victories. They had been crushed by mighty teams and sent crashing out of the tracks.

    However, there had never been a competition like this... This was utter embarrassment!

    This wasn't just because of the so-called disparity between Lin Yan and Lightning. It was because Lin Yan had used this competition to announce the beginning of her reign. Lightning had been reduced to a stepping stone or an insignificant obstacle for Lin Yan to achieve her goal.

    That woman had humiliated them!

    The He family team was one of the weakest teams in Category C. The infamous and controversial Lin Yan had become the savior of the He family team and sent her team to the top position of the category.

    Silence prevailed for a long time before deafening applause and cheers cracked it.

    No one cared what Lin Yan was like or what her image was.

    At this moment, this woman had made history on the racing track. She had ended Lightning's era and, by doing so, she had started a brand new page for the He family team.

    The competition that day would make its mark in the country's racing history. It would undoubtedly become one of the most memorable and iconic competitions ever.

    Meanwhile, on the VIP stand, Qi Shaoyuan waved his hand in front of Wei Xufeng's eyes.

    Wei Xufeng's face registered a conflicted expression and his brain seemed to have gone dead.

    "How is that possible?"

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    Wei Xufeng muttered something inaudible under his breath.
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