662 He Wished That They Would Get Better!

    Chapter 662: He Wished That They Would Get Better!

    The two points that Su Cai had brought up were indeed baffling and perplexing. This transcended ordinary logic.

    They had never witnessed anything like that before, so they were naturally doubtful.

    The cheers dissipated gradually as Su Cai voiced her suspicions.

    Everyone had harbored a certain degree of doubt in their hearts.

    Perhaps, there would be a reasonable explanation.

    Lin Yan could explain how she had executed those techniques.

    The commentator announced, "Miss Su Cai has expressed her doubts, and I believe that everyone here shares the same sentiment. What we have just witnessed is indeed baffling. I can swear that I've never seen anything like that in my entire life. But... I can also swear solemnly that there is nothing wrong with Miss Lin Yan's car, nor is there a problem with Miss Lin Yan. If anyone here is still doubtful, let me reveal the secret behind Miss Lin Yan's magic. Please look at the screen!"

    As the commentator ended his speech, everyone's attention was drawn to the screen.

    After watching the two videos, the audience fell quiet. Cheers erupted a moment later and everyone started chanting Lin Yan's name.

    "So... It turns out that..."

    Lightning's captain was thoughtful and pensive as he gazed at the screen.

    No one had tried this method of overtaking another car. At least, he had never met anyone who had tried this method in the country.

    Lightning's captain admitted defeat willingly.

    The man gazed at the woman, but there was no anger or humiliation in his eyes. Instead, they were filled with respect and adoration.

    If there were more powerful racers like her, they would be able to make their mark on the international scene.

    His foresight had never been limited to this. As a part of the racing industry, he had fervently hoped that the quality of the racers would improve, regardless of the teams that the racers belonged to.

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    One day, if any national teams were to enter the international scene, he would feel proud and happy.
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