663 Impregnable Devil!

    Chapter 663: Impregnable Devil!

    "F*ck! Daddy is awesome! Daddy is mighty! Daddy is invincible!"

    Pei Yutang stared at the screen, utterly impressed and overjoyed. He almost cried tears of joy.

    Wu Yong's features registered complex emotions.

    That woman... was a monster!

    She had led a lousy team like the He family team to glory by clinching the top position in Category C. She had defeated... Lightning, the king of Category C!

    Wu Yong's heart hammered violently against his chest.

    How had he beaten this woman earlier on? Wu Yong knew in his heart that there was no way he could have beaten this woman. She was like a devil on the racing track!

    Even if the woman had shut her eyes during the race, he wouldn't have stood the slightest chance of beating her!

    Even He Lefeng remained immobile.

    He had never suspected the extent of Lin Yan's ability and skills. It hadn't occurred to him that Lin Yan would be that formidable. She had become an impregnable devil in the racing industry!

    "Was that really Xiaoyan?"

    Old Master He Dingkun muttered in disbelief.

    More than a dozen of the team members, including Li Tao, had flushed in embarrassment and shock.

    "Who said that my cousin is a useless vase that knows nothing about racing? Oh, I remember! Someone remarked that Captain Mo Shuyun entered the team because of a transaction he had with my cousin!"

    He Lefeng scanned the guilty faces around him, which included Li Tao's.

    Li Tao and the rest flushed even harder and unconsciously bowed their heads in shame.

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    Su Cai snapped harshly, "You will bow and admit your mistake one day."

    Lin Yan snorted coldly. "It's a pity that no one taught me how."

    Su Cai's eyes shone maliciously. Lin Yan hushed Su Cai by putting her finger on her own lips. With a victorious and sly grin, she quipped, "A dog doesn't talk. It bites."

    She had implied that if Su Cai wanted to seek revenge, she should shut up.
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