664 Savage!

    Chapter 664: Savage!

    Su Cai's eyes gleamed murderously as Lin Yan departed.

    There were rules in the racing industry. If Lin Yan had the sudden thought or desire to make her mark, she would have to pay a hefty price!


    The cheers and applause rang louder as Lin Yan approached the stands.

    Meanwhile, in the broadcast room...

    The initial waves of backlash and criticism had vanished without a trace.

    When the last scene was played, the people who were watching the live telecast online clammed up in disbelief.

    Twelfth Young Master of Temple Street commented, 'Is that a joke? Was Lin Yan truly the person inside the car? Is that true or fake?'

    This was a deliberate demonstration of her skills and it was perfectly executed. Haters, stop flooding us with your bullsh*t! You're ruining my mood! Get lost!'

    In no time, the people online had been divided into two armies, with either side supporting or criticizing Lin Yan.


    Meanwhile, at the race track...

    Lin Yan entered the backstage area and removed her helmet.

    "Boss, have some water!"

    Mo Shuyun instantly scurried over to Lin Yan with a bottle of water.

    "Boss, have a cigarette!"

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    Mo Shuyun whipped out a cigarette and presented it to Lin Yan.
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