665 I Was In a Bad Mood

    Chapter 665: I Was In a Bad Mood

    In all the years of Mo Shuyun's career, he may not have crossed paths with ancient, prestigious teams but he had met many top teams. However, he had never met a racer who possessed such terrifying control of their car.

    Mo Shuyun had assumed that Lin Yan had gotten lucky when she had beaten WW. However, the competition today had changed his mind completely. He realized that he had underestimated Lin Yan.

    She had executed such a precise, flawless technique during the race. The scariest thing was that Lin Yan had displayed how ingenious she was.

    From start to end, Lin Yan had appeared to be very relaxed and laid-back. She hadn't looked as though she was out to beat her opponent. In fact, she had seemed to be using magic instead.

    "Sister Yan..."

    One of the team members glanced at Lin Yan awkwardly. "Sister Yan, we were too stupid and ignorant! But how could we know how good you were if you didn't show us? You were incredible!"

    "Sister Yan, you can't blame us, alright? After all, you lost to Storm earlier..." another team member muttered guiltily.

    Mo Shuyun's expression seemed conflicted at the mention of Storm.

    "Category C's competitions have ended, right?" Lin Yan asked Mo Shuyun.

    "Yeah, everything has ended. Our race was the last one," answered Mo Shuyun swiftly.

    As far as the He family team was concerned, all the competitions in Category C had been completed. The committee would decide on the ranking of the teams in due course.

    Lin Yan had achieved what she wanted.

    At least, the He family team would be able to attract some investors.

    The biggest problem had been resolved.

    Lin Yan could rest easy for some time after this day.

    "Goddess, we have clinched the first position in Category C. We should rank as a top team!" Mo Shuyun exclaimed excitedly.

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    That had been Mo Shuyun's goal when he'd joined the He family team.
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