666 I Will Bite Whoever You Want Me to

    Chapter 666: I Will Bite Whoever You Want Me to

    Mo Shuyun's words succeeded in shutting that team member up.

    In hindsight, he was right.

    Before today, they had been worried about the fate of the He family team. Now, they were complaining that the He family team couldn't attain a higher ranking.

    Mo Shuyun fell silent for some time before he turned to face Lin Yan. "Goddess, now that we are going to be re-ranked, we can change the name of our team. I think that 'He family team' isn't suitable..."

    He Dingkun chuckled softly as he stood next to them. "That's an old name. We can indeed change it to a new one."

    "What do you have in mind?" Lin Yan asked curiously.

    "Xiaoyan, you can decide on the new name. It shall signify a new beginning as well." He Dingkun glanced at Lin Yan with a warm smile.

    He Dingkun had never imagined that Lin Yan would be such a tough and excellent racer.

    "Sister Yan! I will be your idol in the future and you will be my dog..." an excited-looking team member shouted as his eyes shone with adoration and admiration.

    "What did you say?" Lin Yan stared at the team member as she quirked an eyebrow.

    "Oh no!" He slapped himself. "I was wrong... Sister Yan, you're my idol from this day onwards... I will be your dog! I will bite whoever you ask me to! I shall never believe any gossip!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Sister Yan! You have no idea how horribly the people online have besmirched your reputation! Even we were hoodwinked! Your uncle and cousin also insulted you. How despicable they are! They definitely had a horrible upbringing!"

    He Dingkun was speechless...

    The team member stammered anxiously, "Oh... Boss! I don't mean what I said! I need to explain..."

    "Let's name ourselves Aurora then."

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    Laughter sparkled in Lin Yan's eyes as she spoke.
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