667 I Will Only Idolize You

    Chapter 667: I Will Only Idolize You

    Racing was a far-flung, unattainable dream for many people. It seemed like a shooting star that was out of one's reach. Many people dreamed of chasing after that elusive star.

    However, this light shone eternally and its brightness was blinding. It would cast a spell and trap a person, making them get lost in the process.

    Countless people had died or given up on their journey to attain their dreams, yet many others continued to advance dauntlessly.

    They fought courageously so that they could reach for the reflection of that light.

    They could see it, but they couldn't touch it. However, its magic continued to work.

    Still, Lin Yan had no desire to chase after that aurora.

    She was the everlasting aurora.

    The pinnacle would be wherever she was.

    "Yeah, He Lefeng's nickname is Wind-Chasing General. You should chase the wind instead of the aurora." Mo Shuyun snorted coldly.

    "Ha ha! Captain, Wind-Chasing General is so old-fashioned! Isn't that a name that was trendy decades ago?"

    "Since you're the Wind-Chasing General, I will be the Cold-Blooded Guy." One of the team members guffawed aloud.

    Mo Shuyun's face fell when he heard that team member speak.

    Most of the team members were aware that Mo Shuyun's nickname on WeChat was Cold-Blooded Guy. Hence, no one dared to say anything.

    "Captain, He Lefeng is really lame! He should be called Cold-Blooded Guy so that he can be even lamer!" That team member continued to laugh.

    Mo Shuyun watched him coldly, his voice sounding like shards of ice. "I'm the Cold-Blooded Guy."

    The team member was left speechless...

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    "Hey, dog. You have offended way too many people today. Seal your mouth!" He Lefeng grinned at him.

    Li Tao glanced at He Lefeng. "Go and search online. I don't wish to humiliate Sister Yan's ears."

    Lin Yan chuckled. "You're a good kid since you know that you were in the wrong."

    Li Tao was speechless...

    Mo Shuyun replied, "You can idolize her if you want to. Why do you want to quit being my fan?"

    Li Tao glanced at Mo Shuyun swiftly and replied, "Captain, sorry. My brain capacity is rather limited, so I can't have too many idols..."
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