668 Brazen

    Chapter 668: Brazen

    The Category C competitions were over and the He family team had emerged as the champion. Lin Yan was invited on the stage to speak.

    However, she gave that opportunity to Mo Shuyun instead. After all, she wanted to leave.

    She had no interest in engaging in trivial matters such as speaking in public.

    However, before Lin Yan could leave, Su Cai found her with several other staff members.

    "Miss Lin Yan, we need to verify something with you." One of the staff members spoke softly to Lin Yan as he watched her.

    "What happened?"

    Mo Shuyun had just returned after speaking on the stage. He surveyed Su Cai and the staff members in puzzlement.

    "Daddy, what happened?"

    If the allegations turned out to be true, the racing team would be punished and the racers involved would be severely penalized too.

    "We are only suspecting this right now," one of them answered.

    "I didn't cheat! I really didn't!" He Lefeng suddenly yelled out hurriedly.

    Everyone's attention turned to him the moment they heard him.

    Everyone knew that, given He Lefeng's ability, no one would have suspected him of cheating.

    "Excuse me, but please don't be so thick-skinned. They are referring to Lin Yan." Mo Shuyun glanced at He Lefeng.

    "Oh..." muttered He Lefeng.

    "How could Lin Yan have been defeated by Storm given her skills? Furthermore, she suffered a crushing defeat. I don't think we even need to investigate this anymore," one of the staff members who stood beside Su Cai replied promptly.

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    "You were the one who accused Lin Yan?" Mo Shuyun turned to Su Cai.
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