669 Reasonable Explanation

    Chapter 669: Reasonable Explanation

    Several staff members glanced at Lin Yan and one of them quipped, "Miss Lin Yan, please explain in detail the race you had with Storm earlier and how you lost to them in the end."

    Before Lin Yan could respond, Pei Yutang bellowed suddenly. "What do you mean?"

    "We are just trying to understand the situation." One of them turned to face Pei Yutang.

    "What do you mean, understand the situation? Aren't you belittling Storm and my team members? Aren't they humans too?" Pei Yutang was in a terrible mood at the thought of his team being despised. Did they deserve to lose? Would it imply that every time they won, it was because someone else had lost to them?

    Although Lin Yan had indeed lost to them on purpose...

    That may be the truth, but their basis was nonetheless wrong!

    "Does Storm have to lose at every single competition? If we win any races, that must imply that someone else has deliberately lost to us! Is there anything wrong with your brains?" Pei Yutang spat angrily.

    "Boss Pei, don't put it that way. Storm can certainly win, but can your team possibly have beaten the champion of Category C? Plus, it was a crushing defeat! Doesn't that sound suspicious?" Su Cai watched Pei Yutang intently.

    Lin Yan scowled at He Lefeng and wished someone would sew his mouth shut.

    "It wasn't because of my mood. Neither did I lose on purpose." Lin Yan spoke to the staff members.

    One of them immediately turned on his laptop to play the video of Lin Yan and Storm's race.

    The video had caught every detail with clarity.

    "Miss Lin Yan, given your skills, you shouldn't have made such a major mistake on the track. Besides, you didn't increase your speed the moment the race started. Can you explain why to us?" he asked Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan remained quiet.

    Mo Shuyun had a headache as he watched the video of Lin Yan and Storm's race. That was too obvious, as she hadn't even increased her speed at all.

    Su Cai stole swift glances at Lin Yan with a victorious, cold smirk.

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    She had warned Lin Yan that there were rules that all racers had to abide by during a competition. Even though there was no doubt about her ability, Lin Yan was nothing to her.
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