670 Covered In Injuries

    Chapter 670: Covered In Injuries

    Old Master He Dingkun ambled slowly toward them. After understanding the situation, he glanced at Su Cai.

    He Dingkun had no idea how Lin Yan had offended the captain of K1. Actually, it wouldn't be anything serious even if Lin Yan had deliberately allowed Storm to win. If it wasn't for the fact that Su Cai had personally alarmed the officials, the authorities would have let the matter slide without a word. After all, even though Storm had won that race, it hadn't affected the remaining competitors in Category C at all.

    What kind of grudge did the female captain of K1 bear against Lin Yan and the He family team?

    He Dingkun and Mo Shuyun were feeling uneasy. If Lin Yan couldn't explain, she would get in trouble.

    The He family team would probably be slapped with a fine, but Lin Yan might have to receive a more serious penalty.

    "How are you, Miss Lin Yan? Speechless?" Su Cai noticed that Lin Yan had clammed up and sneered coldly at her.

    "Miss Lin Yan, you are a racer, yet you have no integrity or respect for the rules. This is an official competition and you staged your defeat. You're not fit to be a racer."

    Su Cai glanced at the staff members. "I hope that the management can handle this matter impartially and ban this racer from racing permanently in this country!"

    "Yeah." Lin Yan nodded at them. "I am suffering from old injuries, and my injuries acted up again during the race with Storm."

    "Miss Lin Yan, do you mean that you competed with injuries? During the race with Storm, your old injuries acted up and caused you to lose?" one of them repeated in amazement.

    "Yeah, that's what happened." Lin Yan nodded.

    "Lin Yan, do you think that we are idiots? Where are the injuries? There is a medical team at the venue. Alright, since you claim that you are injured, then let's get the medical team to examine you." Su Cai snorted coldly.

    The He family team cast doubtful looks at each other. Was Lin Yan making up an excuse, or was she telling the truth?

    The He family team reckoned that Lin Yan was bluffing. They hadn't noticed anything wrong with her and she hadn't mentioned anything about her injuries either. Besides, if she had beaten the Lightning team with these injuries, wouldn't that be unbelievable?

    Despite their doubts, no one would admit to that.

    "I can testify that Lin Yan has injuries all over her body! We noticed that during our training!" one of them yelled desperately.

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    "Yeah, yeah! She is injured! I can testify too!" Li Tao nodded eagerly.
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