671 If It Barks, It Doesnt Pose a Threa

    Chapter 671: If It Barks, It Doesn't Pose a Threat

    He Lefeng was completely worked up. "Yes! She is definitely injured! My cousin is covered in injuries!"

    Mo Shuyun was speechless...

    "Captain Mo, that's true, right? My cousin is covered in injuries." He Lefeng whirled around to face Mo Shuyun.

    Mo Shuyun glanced at He Lefeng, defeated and helpless. Was this guy out to destroy everything?

    His racing skills were amateur, and his brains didn't seem to be that good. Why would he have such a foolish team member?

    At that moment, Mo Shuyun desperately wanted to sell He Lefeng to another team.

    Of course, whether he would be able to sell him away was another question.

    "Errr... I think so..." Mo Shuyun stammered helplessly in response to He Lefeng.

    "Yeah, I haven't been going to the hospital for some time, but I reckon it should be fine. Who knew that my injury would flare up during my competition with Storm? That was why I couldn't compete properly and everyone now suspects me." Lin Yan chuckled.

    "Miss Lin Yan, your racing skills are simply incredible. How did you manage to beat Lightning with your injured leg? Amazing!" One of the medical team members gushed in amazement.

    He was also an avid racing fan and he was familiar with all the teams in the country. He would watch almost every competition and, today, he had been left awestruck after watching Lin Yan compete against the Lightning team.

    How could he have expected that Lin Yan had competed with an old injury?

    "It was just luck." Lin Yan smiled at him.

    "Miss Lin Yan, you're too humble. However, you have to be careful around Su Cai. She was the one who notified the management. It's no joke if she is on to you. Of course, we will support your statement with our examination results."

    "Thank you," Lin Yan replied gratefully.


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    Minutes later, everyone else returned.
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