672 Busy Earning Money!

    Chapter 672: Busy Earning Money!

    No one had expected Lin Yan to be really injured. Plus, she had sustained a leg injury that was rather serious.

    Incredibly, she had emerged victorious after beating the best team!

    Everyone gaped at Lin Yan in amazement and surprise.

    No wonder she hadn't been able to perform consistently...

    "Why are you so smug? You merely won a low-ranking, unimportant competition! You haven't seen the real deal yet!" Su Cai gnashed her teeth bitterly when her ploy failed. She sneered aloud before turning on her heel.

    Lin Yan who had 'never seen the real deal' grinned as she watched her leave.


    At the He residence...


    His birthday was tomorrow, but Lin Yan acted as though nothing was happening. She hadn't even asked him to meet her.

    Night had fallen.

    As darkness gradually eclipsed, Pei Yucheng's phone remained silent. There weren't any texts or phone calls.

    The man adjusted his spectacles slightly before picking up his phone and typing a message.

    Pei Yucheng typed, 'Do you have any plans tomorrow?'

    When Lin Yan saw Pei Yucheng's text, she was observing one of the team members as he trained. At the same time, she was also multi-tasking by playing games online. Ever since she had lost a major client like Wang Jingyang, she could only settle for other players.

    Pei Yucheng's text appeared on her screen, but Lin Yan hesitated. She was caught in a momentary dilemma between earning money and replying to her boyfriend. In the end, she chose to continue playing the game.

    try {

    window._mNHandle.queue.push(function () {

    window._mNDetails.loadTag("386623558", "300x250", "386623558");



    catch (error) {


    However, she was anxious to reply to Pei Yucheng, so she tried her best to finish the game at top speed.
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