673 Soaring Together!

    Chapter 673: Soaring Together!

    Lin Yan's reaction was much swifter than usual, and she understood what Pei Yucheng was trying to ask. He had to be trying to ask her out on a date at night.

    Hence, Lin Yan replied quickly. 'Tomorrow, it will be too late by the time I'm free. How about the day after tomorrow? We can have dinner together then, okay?'

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...

    Could Pei Yutang be right? Was Lin Yan lying to him because she had a surprise for him?

    However, he knew Lin Yan too well. Judging from how happy she sounded at the mention of her jobs, she didn't seem to be lying...

    It seemed as though... she had forgotten about his birthday.

    In fact, Lin Yan was so engrossed in earning money that Pei Yucheng's birthday had slipped her mind.

    After this text exchange, Lin Yan still didn't manage to remember that it was Pei Yucheng's birthday tomorrow...

    Riches and Honor asked, 'Really?'

    Get Rich Lin typed, 'Of course! Give me another chance, please? Boss, I will give you a 20-percent discount. I will be your comrade!'

    Wang Jingyang struggled quietly for some time before he decided to trust her once more.

    Riches and Honor replied, 'Alright then. I will trust you again!'

    Get Rich Lin replied happily, 'Yay! Boss, just you wait, we will soar together!'

    Getting back a major client like Wang Jingyang wasn't an easy feat. Lin Yan rubbed her palms together in excitement as she got ready to give it her best. She had given him a discount, and her heart ached at the thought of it.

    Given her skills, she had never given such a generous discount!

    It was all that damned alter ego's fault!

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    After Lin Yan added Wang Jingyang to her team, she was determined to wipe away her embarrassing past!

    Wang Jingyang and the rest of their teammates watched in horror as Lin Yan's character strolled into the battlefield leisurely. That wasn't it... She had even entered hostile territory...

    Wang Jingyang and the others yelled desperately, but no one could stop this...
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