674 Does He Occupy a Space in Sister Yans Heart?

    Chapter 674: Does He Occupy a Space in Sister Yan's Heart?

    After the game, Lin Yan was deleted from Wang Jingyang's list of friends.

    Boss, don't go!

    Lin Yan watched as her major client left and felt like dying.

    "Sister! It's okay if you don't know how to play. You do know how to exit the game, right?"

    If she'd allowed the system to control the character, it would still have been better than allowing this thing to play!

    Others might destroy their phones during a game, but this fellow was out to eliminate her friends!

    Wang Jingyang's rejection aside, even she didn't have the heart to continue watching.

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...

    The more Lin Yan thought, the more horrified and anxious she became. "You ruined a deal for me today. Are you planning to ruin everything tomorrow?"

    Pei Yucheng fell silent for a long time before he finally spoke. "Don't you have anything else that's important to do tomorrow?"

    Lin Yan snapped, "Aren't these things important enough? What else could there be?"

    Pei Yucheng replied, "Mull it over properly."

    For some strange reason, Lin Yan felt attacked by a blast of iciness when she heard the voice.

    Mull it over...

    Why would she have to mull it over?

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    What other important things did she have to do?

    He Lefeng was speechless...


    Pei Yucheng walked to Lin Yan's battered-looking car.

    "Sister! What are you doing? Why are you attacking everyone? Are you having your period?"

    Lin Yan was still mumbling to herself when she noticed that she was already inside the car. Nervously, she yelled, "Sh*t! Sister, let's talk this over! What are you doing? You can touch my man but not my car!"

    Pei Yucheng grunted in amusement.
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