677 A Relationship That Would Drive Her to Bankruptcy

    Chapter 677: A Relationship That Would Drive Her to Bankruptcy

    Pei Yucheng put on an apron before he began to prepare the ingredients.

    Initially, Lin Yan was slightly worried. She cast her worries aside when 'she' suddenly seemed to know how to cook.

    That ability wasn't just average.

    In less than two hours, she had prepared six dishes and some soup. There was a variety of meat and vegetables, so it was a feast.

    Lin Yan's appetite was stimulated at the sight of the delicious feast.

    This fellow had prepared everything on her behalf for Pei Yucheng's birthday. She hadn't lifted her finger at all. She had been spared the effort...

    Lin Yan was admiring the feast as she chatted casually. "Sister, what other good ideas do you have other than preparing a meal?"

    Pei Yucheng paused as he cut a piece of vegetable. "You don't have to spend money, nor do you have to lift a finger."

    She hadn't expected that 'sister' to leave after preparing everything!

    Why wouldn't she want to spend Pei Yucheng's birthday with him?

    In that case, she had taken advantage of her...

    Lin Yan was famished, so her stomach grumbled at the sight of the food.

    Just as she was picking up her chopsticks, she heard sounds coming from the front door. Familiar footsteps were heard shortly.

    Pei Yucheng was back...

    Lin Yan scuttled hastily to the door to welcome him.

    "Mr. Pei, you're back!" Lin Yan flashed him the sweetest, brightest smile she could.

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    Pei Yucheng glanced at the smiling girl. "Why are you back so early?"
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