678 In Danger Of Exposing Herself

    Chapter 678: In Danger Of Exposing Herself

    If Pei Yucheng's consciousness hadn't possessed Lin Yan earlier on, he would have believed the flowery, sweet words she had just said.

    Pei Yucheng stared quietly at the girl as he listened to how sincere she sounded when she declared that she wanted to give the best present to the most beloved and important person in her life.

    It was sweeter than the first time he had tasted chocolate.

    "Thank you." Pei Yucheng chuckled lightly as he held on to the present. "I like it very much."

    The man's enchanting smile hit Lin Yan, who entered a daze. For no reason, she suddenly felt that going bankrupt for his smile was worth it.

    "No... You don't have to... As long as you like it..." Lin Yan hurriedly squashed that scary thought.

    They entered the room and sat down at the dining table.

    Lin Yan picked up a pork rib for Pei Yucheng eagerly. She coughed gently to clear her throat. "I haven't cooked in a long while... I'm not sure what it will taste like..."

    Lin Yan instinctively spat out the pork rib and scowled at it.

    F*ck! Was the food poisoned?

    "What's wrong?" asked Pei Yucheng in puzzlement. "Is it awful?"

    "I..." Couldn't he tell that the food tasted horrible?

    The fact that Pei Yucheng couldn't taste food had almost slipped her mind again.

    "Errr..." Lin Yan swallowed the words that she wanted to say hastily. "Nothing... Nothing, it's just a little hot..."

    She forced herself to swallow the pork rib once more. "It's nice... It's yummy... I cooked well today..."

    Lin Yan would rather die than betray herself. How could she criticize her own cooking?

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    F*ck! That assh*le! How could she be so horrible at cooking? How dare she claim that she could cook well?
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