679 Who Was This Consciousness?

    Chapter 679: Who Was This Consciousness?

    That was weird... Could it be merely a coincidence?

    Lin Yan was feeling suspicious as she mustered the courage to try the stir-fried bamboo shoots with pork.

    She vividly remembered that this dish of Pei Yucheng's was the most 'memorable'.

    That sister couldn't have possibly ruined every single dish, could she?

    However, when the flavor and taste swirled around Lin Yan's mouth, she felt like her soul had been destroyed...

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    She had tried so hard to avoid eating Pei Yucheng's food and even dissuaded him desperately on so many occasions.

    To think that she had ended up cooking a feast today...

    Her imagination must have run wild.

    "Nothing! I just wanted to learn from you. I was wondering how you learned to cook. You can't taste anything but you still manage to cook so well. I want to learn as well!" Lin Yan tried her best to be casual.

    "I followed recipes. I can teach you when I'm free," replied Pei Yucheng.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She fell into a shocked silence upon hearing Pei Yucheng's answer.

    If he had followed a recipe, shouldn't the taste have been the same?

    However, his dishes tasted really horrible. Which chef had created that recipe? Was he still alive?

    Lin Yan was full of doubts but couldn't ask him.

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    How could she possibly say that she might be schizophrenic or perhaps she had been possessed by a ghost? That was how she'd managed to cook this horrible food that tasted just like what Pei Yucheng had cooked before.

    The more Lin Yan pondered this, the more possible it seemed...

    In that case...

    Who was this consciousness?

    Could she be... an admirer of Pei Yucheng?
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