680 The Best Presen

    Chapter 680: The Best Present

    Only Pei Yucheng's admirer would know him so well. Hence, she would know that he had been hospitalized and could gain access to his mansion. She had known all about Pei Yucheng's taste and even her cooking resembled his...

    The more Lin Yan thought, the more possible it sounded...

    However, she hadn't met anyone like this ever since she'd begun to date Pei Yucheng.

    Besides, if such an admirer truly existed, she should have wooed him in real life. Why would she take control of her body and help her win Pei Yucheng over?

    Was that fellow dumb? Wasn't she helping her instead?

    Or... was she forced to do that?

    She couldn't do it in real life and, for some strange reason, she had taken possession of her body. Had she decided to use her body to be with Pei Yucheng?

    There was another scarier possibility.

    Lin Yan deliberated over it for a moment. "A... more expensive one?"

    Earlier on, she had asked that fellow the same question but she hadn't answered her. She had mulled over the same question and concluded that a better present would definitely be more expensive.

    Lin Yan couldn't help but complain to Pei Yucheng. "Previously, someone told me that buying a present is the simplest way. A slightly more advanced method would be to prepare a present personally. The most advanced method wouldn't cost anything, and the sender wouldn't have to do anything either."

    It sounded like a lie. How could a present cost nothing and be effortless? It sounded so insincere!

    Pei Yucheng, who had been listening quietly to her all this while, glanced at her meaningfully. "Such a present exists indeed."

    "What is that?" Lin Yan asked him out of curiosity.

    Pei Yucheng stretched his huge hand and gently stroked the girl's head. His slightly soft voice rang in the quiet living room. "You are the best present."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

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    When the words left Pei Yucheng's lips, Lin Yan froze instantly.
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