683 She Chose Herself

    Chapter 683: She Chose Herself

    Given Lang Mang's vindictive ability to flay people, even Lin Yan wouldn't be able to handle him. He really had a vicious tongue.

    There was a distinctive feature to Lang Mang's ability. He didn't give a damn about logic or reason when he spoke. His only intention with every vengeful word he spat was to rebuke and admonish his target. His speech attacked both his targets and his ancestors.

    That was why he was so scary. He didn't care about reason at all. All he wanted was to attack the other party when he was riled up.

    After a series of verbal attacks, another photo was attached.

    It was a snippet of Lang Mang and Yeva's conversation.

    Everyone in the forum who saw it collapsed in disbelief, especially after reading that Yeva had wanted to pick the actress personally.

    Anyone, as long as they weren't a moron or blind, understood clearly what had happened.

    Right from the beginning, Lin Yan had never tried to steal the role of Yeva from Lin Shuya.

    Lang Mang left Lin Yan's haters reeling in shock and disbelief.

    Many people tried to verify the news by checking Lang Mang's official account once more.

    'Dusky Skies' typed, 'So... Lin Yan didn't steal the role from Lin Shuya. Lin Shuya was the one pretending to be innocent... What a hypocrite. Goddess Yeva was the one who selected Lin Yan, yet Lin Shuya acted as though she was the victim. How gross.'

    "He and She Are Pirates' replied, 'In a nutshell, what we can confirm is that Lin Yan didn't use any despicable methods to get the role. Just think carefully. The production crew isn't a bunch of fools. Why would they give up on Lin Shuya when she has more commercial value than Lin Yan?

    Besides, Yeva's role originally belonged to Lin Shuya. At the last minute, the production crew announced that Lin Yan would be portraying the role instead. Just mull over these facts carefully. If Yeva hadn't stepped forward to instruct the production crew, why would they have offered the role to Lin Yan?'
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