682 She Fancies Your Talen

    Chapter 682: She Fancies Your Talent

    "Daddy, you're really awesome! Did you know that you did not land the role because of your acting skills? It was because Yeva specifically chose you!"

    Lin Yan grumbled under her breath indignantly. Other than the fact that Yeva had chosen her, she had good acting chops as well. How could someone else be more suitable than her to bring Yeva and her career to life?

    "Daddy, you're amazing!" Pei Yutang sounded worked up. "Yeva picked you despite everyone's objections! Daddy, what unique qualities do you have exactly that made Yeva pick you? I wonder what is on Yeva's mind!"

    Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows and hissed, "What do you mean?"

    Pei Yutang paused and fell silent. Awkward laughter reached her ears seconds later. "I mean... Daddy, what I mean is that Yeva has really good foresight. No wonder she is a legend in the racing industry! She has such a unique taste... So unique that she fancies your talent!"

    Lin Yan was left speechless... His flattery had gone overboard.

    "Daddy, be honest. Do you know Yeva?" asked Pei Yutang suspiciously.

    "I don't know her," said Lin Yan.

    'In the Name of Lang Mang' had typed, 'I... *** damned you *** I will *** your entire family ***. I swear I ***!'

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched when she saw that.

    He must have used a huge chunk of uncouth words and been therefore censored...

    Just look at him! He was using real firearms!

    Indeed, she was right. Her apprentice certainly lacked basic courtesy and self-restraint.

    Lin Yan then glanced at the second photo.

    Lang Mang seemed to have realized that he would be censored, so he had become more subdued.

    'In the Name of Lang Mang' had commented, 'Damn you, *** jerks! When did I offend any of you? How dare you swarm to my private account and reprimand me? I will tell you this much! This is my account and I released this news.

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    As for that actress... I don't know her and I've never even met her. She was picked by my coach personally. If you are displeased with her, you should look for my coach. Why would you come and attack me? Are all of you ***?
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