685 Excellent Foresight!

    Chapter 685: Excellent Foresight!

    Lin Yan had already predicted that Lin Shuya would summon her fans and buy fake accounts.

    At the time, it had been smart of Lin Shuya to remain silent.

    If she remained silent, it would signify that she agreed. Hence, everyone assumed that by default.

    Even if something happened or there was a twist in the plot, Lin Shuya would still be able to protect herself. She had never once replied or expressed her opinion. Thus, she wouldn't have to shoulder the blame.

    She could defend and attack at the same time. That was why Lin Shuya was brilliant.

    Regardless of the extent the situation developed to, it didn't matter to Lin Shuya. She was still in control of the situation.

    The people online calmed down after reading those supporters' comments. Most of them began to doubt themselves too.

    Indeed, Lin Shuya had never once spoken badly of Lin Yan. She had certainly never accused Lin Yan of taking the role from her either. It was the media who had started everything...

    "Miss Lin Yan, we have something we need to discuss with you. It's about the title song of the movie and a few other songs. We would like you to be the singer."

    Lin Yan was stumped when she heard him.

    What had he just said?

    He wanted her to sing?

    Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows. "Hmmm, let me just reiterate. Did you just say that you want me to sing the songs in the movie?"

    "Miss Lin Yan, that's exactly what I said."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Was the production crew out of its mind? She was an actress, not a singer!

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    She could act but she couldn't sing!
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