684 Using Comments As a Weapon

    Chapter 684: Using Comments As a Weapon

    'He Is Your Biggest Hero' left a comment. 'I've indeed lived a long life before witnessing this. This industry is really messed-up... Lin Yan has been lambasted by everyone because of this incident, yet she didn't even explain at all. What a good-natured actress.'

    'Long Roads, Distant Clouds, Infinite Return' typed, 'Actually, this matter had plenty of loopholes to begin with, but Lin Yan seems to be a magnet for scandals so everyone chose to cast away all suspicions at the sight of her. Of course, the real truth remains a mystery. I'm not in a position to comment.'

    'Stranger and Jade, A Sorrow-Less Life' typed, 'Actually, I like Lin Yan...'


    It took only a short while for this trending post to blow up, even implicating Lin Shuya as well. People swarmed to Lin Shuya's account to voice their doubts, and some people even chided and insulted her.

    'Winter Owl' commented, 'Lin Shuya, you're really shameless. Although Yeva's role might have belonged to you, Yeva had already announced her decision to choose Lin Yan to portray her. You pushed the blame on Lin Yan and even accused her of stealing the role. I didn't realize how pretentious you were in the past.'

    'Colossal White Tiger' cried out, 'Lin Shuya, I misjudged you! I had no idea what sort of person you really are! You've been claiming that Lin Yan stole everything from you! How dare you pretend to be pitiful and naive? Everything was fake! We need to thank Master Lang Mang for being so quick-tempered. Otherwise, we would have continued to be fooled by you!'

    'Big Dipper' typed, 'Pfft! You are an immoral woman! Your ability to lie is much better than your acting ability! Lin Shuya, what motive did you have for maligning Lin Yan? You have been using comments as your weapon all this while!'


    Lin Yan was slumped comfortably on the couch as she read the debate going on. She then logged in to her private account.

    'Lin Yan, I will support you! Hang on!'
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