688 You Are Like a Python

    Chapter 688: You Are Like a Python

    Lin Yan gazed at the little white kitten in her arms. Although it was dirty, it was a fine-looking kitten.

    To Lin Yan's surprise, this had to be the most handsome stray kitten she had ever seen.

    "Doesn't it look handsome?"

    Lin Yan turned to Pei Yucheng, who stood beside her.

    Pei Yucheng gazed intently and quietly at Lin Yan for some time. Then, his gaze trailed to the kitten. He scrutinized it before saying, "Yeah. It looks like you."

    Lin Yan was left speechless when she heard Pei Yucheng.

    She resembled... a cat?

    Even if he wanted to use an animal to describe her, she wouldn't be a kitten! She should be a dog! A fierce, strong dog! For instance, a German shepherd or a bull terrier...

    Lin Yan was left speechless... Did he know how to keep a conversation going?

    She had still been in a rather good mood, but Pei Yucheng's remarks destroyed it. Was he trying to drive the conversation to a dead end?

    "What do I look like?" Pei Yucheng gazed at Lin Yan.

    "If I were to pick an animal... I'd say you look like... a giant python," Lin Yan replied.

    "A python?" Pei Yucheng seemed puzzled. "Why?"

    There were all kinds of beasts and animals. Why would Lin Yan liken him to a python?

    Actually, Lin Yan couldn't really answer, but the first thing that had popped in her mind was a giant python.

    Pythons made people shake in fear.

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    They were at the top of the food chain and seemed to be able to hunt anything they wanted.

    Lin Yan strode away and the stray kitten followed her closely, as though it didn't want Pei Yucheng and Lin Yan to get out of its sight.
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