690 Prince Charming

    Chapter 690: Prince Charming

    After Lin Yan uploaded a series of photos, she waited patiently for people to compliment her beloved pets.

    'Landowner's Foolish Son' typed, 'What an exquisite creature. Goddess, can you impart some racing techniques instead? Why did you name them Prosperous and Little Thousand? Shouldn't you have named them Ushering Wealth or something like that instead? That sounds like you!'

    Lin Yan replied, 'The bigger cat's name is Prosperous New Year, and its pet name is Prosperous. The tiny one is Thousand Bags Of Cash, and I call it Little Thousand!'

    'Landowner's Foolish Son' typed, 'I was wrong... Hold on, I need to breathe... Goddess, it's incredible that you replied to my comment! Oh, my god, is this a dream? Is a fairytale coming to life? I'm Cinderella! Goddess, you can be Prince Charming! Goddess, this comment can be our product of love... No, it should be the start!'

    Lin Yan replied, 'Get away along with the cat fur on the floor.'

    'Landowner's Foolish Son' replied hastily, 'No! Goddess, you'll be my idol forever! Goddess, let me introduce myself. I was initially your hater but I gradually developed feelings for you. I watched your competition and then I heard that Yeva picked you personally to portray her! Goddess, you have been maligned all this while! I've cast away Lin Shuya, and you are the only one in my heart now! Goddess, if anyone dares to slander you in the future, I will show them wrath more terrifying than Lang Mang's!'

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    'I'm Chinese, But My Son Is Black!' commented, 'Aren't you trying too hard? The voting for the charity ambassador is about to commence, yet here you are adopting strays! Thousand Bags Of Cash is obviously a Ragdoll! How can it possibly be a stray? Be realistic and smart when you're trying to put on a pretense. Why don't you adopt a gorilla instead? Quit being gross!'

    Lin Yan shouted in her room.

    Thousand Bags Of Cash, who had been hiding in a corner of the room, jumped up instantly. It rushed to Lin Yan on all fours eagerly and meowed at her as it waited beside the table.

    Lin Yan led Thousand Bags Of Cash out of the room and walked her new pet as though she was walking a dog around Cloud Manor.

    She bumped into Xing Chen along the way.

    She halted hastily while Thousand Bags Of Cash hid in fear behind her.

    "Miss Lin Yan... are you okay?" Xing Chen asked as he glanced at Lin Yan.

    "Yeah, I'm alright." Lin Yan shook her head.

    Xing Chen didn't respond. Instead, he turned around to walk to Pei Yucheng's study.

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