691 Do You Want To Be With Her?

    Chapter 691: Do You Want To Be With Her?

    After Xing Chen left, the little kitten leaped into Lin Yan's arms.

    She stared at Xing Chen's back, feeling puzzled.

    Xing Chen's expression didn't seem very good.

    Did he blame her?

    Lin Yan had promised Xing Chen that she would try to persuade Pei Yucheng to plead on his friend's behalf. However, Pei Yucheng was unwavering and she couldn't do anything else.

    "Thousand Bags Of Cash, come back!"

    Suddenly, Prosperous New Year dashed out of the room.

    The moment Thousand Bags Of Cash saw Prosperous New Year, it seemed agitated and it started struggling against Lin Yan's chest. It then sprang on its feet and chased after Prosperous New Year.

    "Oh, so it's because of that girl..."

    Lin Yan, who crouched below the window, muttered to herself.

    That girl, Ling Yue, seemed to be on good terms with Xing Chen. She should be one of Pei Yucheng's subordinates too but she seemed to have been punished.

    "Brother Yu... As long as you allow Xiaoyue to come back, I will do anything. Brother Yu, give me a chance, please!"

    Xing Chen sounded desperate.

    Pei Yucheng merely chuckled coldly in response.

    "Who are you talking to?"

    Pei Yucheng's voice rang out.

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    "Brother Yu..."

    As soon as Xing Chen glanced at his phone, his expression froze.

    Unconsciously, Xing Chen surveyed the surroundings. He didn't see Lin Yan, who stood behind him.

    He then marched to a secluded corner of the mansion and answered the call.

    "I hope you are aware of the facts. Please don't pester me in the future." Xing Chen lowered his voice, his expression solemn.

    "Oh... Xing Chen. Don't be so hostile to me. What have you accomplished after staying with Pei Yucheng all these years? Have you forgotten about Ling Yue's incident?"
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