692 Unable To Threaten Him

    Chapter 692: Unable To Threaten Him

    Xing Chen flinched once more as he burst out. "What are you trying to say? You don't have to mention Ling Yue. She made a mistake, and it's what she deserves. You don't have to drive a wedge between Brother Yu and me. Let me give you some advice. Stop using such foolish methods. Besides, none of you would be able to threaten Brother Yu! Do you understand?"

    "Ahhh... Xing Chen. All this time, we believed that you were the most intelligent of Pei Yucheng's people. It seems that we were wrong."

    "What do you mean?" Xing Chen asked with a frown.

    "You're right. None of us would be able to threaten Pei Yucheng's position or status. However... what if we included Young Master Demon?"

    "What... Demon?" Xing Chen's eyes glinted coldly.

    "Are you interested now? As long as you promise to work with us, we will find a way to give Ling Yue to you. From now on, we will not rest or back down. I'm not joking."

    Xing Chen remained silent for some time before he answered coldly, "Don't make me repeat myself... I will not betray Brother Yu. Ling Yue deserves her punishment, and I'll just obey Brother Yu. As for all of you, I don't care whose support you have. Just don't bother me again! Otherwise, you will bear the consequences!"

    After he burst out, he didn't give the other party an opportunity to speak. He simply hung up.

    Actually, Lin Yan wasn't aware of the relationship between Pei Yucheng and his family.

    However, based on Xing Chen's conversation today, it wasn't as simple as she had thought.

    A name had been mentioned, and Xing Chen's expression had seemed weird when he'd heard it.

    Lin Yan muttered to herself, "Demon..."

    She had no idea who Demon was, but he should be related to Pei Yucheng.

    Based on the current situation, Lin Yan was certain of one thing: Xing Chen hadn't discovered her and he had vowed not to betray Pei Yucheng. If he had discovered her presence, he wouldn't have answered the call.

    However, human nature shouldn't be put to the test so easily.

    Lin Yan believed that Xing Chen had no wish to betray Pei Yucheng now.

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    But what if the other party persisted and they used Ling Yue?
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