693 I’m Here To Have a Chat With You

    Chapter 693: I'm Here To Have a Chat With You

    Lin Yan had always believed that humans couldn't withstand temptation or being put to the test, especially when the other party used Ling Yue as a bargaining chip. Even an outsider like Lin Yan could feel how important Ling Yue was to Xing Chen.

    Xing Chen could probably resist temptation once or twice. What if it happened three, five, or a hundred times?

    Because of Ling Yue, Xing Chen had displeased Pei Yucheng more than once. This showed how important Ling Yue was to Xing Chen.

    Of course, Lin Yan admired Xing Chen.

    If someone were to use a person who was important to her to threaten her, she might have given in right away. At worst, she would have just found another boss...

    For instance, if someone were to threaten Lin Yan into betraying the boss of the gaming company by threatening Pei Yucheng's safety, she would have agreed instantly.

    At the moment, Lin Yan was in a dilemma. She had accidentally overheard Xing Chen's conversation. Should she pretend that she hadn't heard anything?

    Actually, it would be wise to pretend that nothing had happened. Furthermore, Xing Chen had sworn that he would be faithful to Pei Yucheng.

    "Daddy, why are you in such a rush? What happened?" Pei Yutang eyed Lin Yan curiously.

    "Can't I look for you to have a casual conversation?" asked Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang, who was slightly taken aback, nodded. "Sure, certainly! I was about to look for you... Daddy, do you want to change team and come to Storm?"

    "I'm not interested in your team," replied Lin Yan dully.

    "Don't reject me, Daddy! I will offer you something tempting!" Pei Yutang hastily said.

    Lin Yan scratched her nose when she heard Pei Yutang's reply. "How much..."

    "I don't have money now, and the team's expenses are very high. I haven't found new investors either, but it's fine. I can give you shares. Or perhaps I'll write an IOU for you!" Pei Yutang hurriedly answered.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

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    She was interested in money but not in IOUs. In addition, why would she be interested in Storm's shares? This might prove to be a loss.
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