694 A Trace Of Passion

    Chapter 694: A Trace Of Passion

    Lin Yan had originally wanted to get some useful information out of Pei Yutang. However, in the end, he knew nothing.

    This was a sensitive topic so she couldn't ask anyone else. If the news traveled to either Pei Yucheng or Xing Chen, it might cause a misunderstanding.

    Lin Yan had accidentally chanced upon Xing Chen's conversation. After careful deliberation, she realized that asking Pei Yucheng was definitely out of the question.

    Besides, she couldn't possibly ask Xing Chen about this matter either.

    Lin Yan racked her brains and decided on a more feasible, safer way. Other than making sure that Pei Yucheng wouldn't be in danger, Xing Chen would also not be enticed by the other party.

    That phone call had been informative. The other party had used Ling Yue as a bargaining chip to try to persuade Xing Chen.

    If Pei Yucheng agreed to let Ling Yue off, then the other party's plans would fail.

    Of course, Lin Yan couldn't be entirely certain that the other party didn't have any other bargaining chips.

    She walked over to Pei Yucheng and gazed at him.

    She had to admit that Pei Yucheng's intimidating, cold aura dissipated when he was asleep. From her point of view, his face was truly flawless and capable of sending a country to destruction!

    She concluded that Pei Yucheng was the most charming when he was asleep. When he was awake, he was like the King of Hell.

    Lin Yan got a light blanket and trode carefully back to him before she tried to cover him.

    However, before she could do that, Pei Yucheng, who was sound asleep, jerked awake abruptly with bloodshot eyes. He emanated a terrifying icy aura as he grabbed Lin Yan's arm.

    Lin Yan was too shocked to respond, as she froze. It hadn't occurred to her that Pei Yucheng would wake up so suddenly. Plus, he was so... frightening!

    "Who asked you to come in?" Pei Yucheng's hard, steely voice sounded as though it stemmed from his bones.


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    Lin Yan stared at Pei Yucheng's bloodshot eyes, unable to utter a word.
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