695 Girlfriend?

    Chapter 695: Girlfriend?

    After a long time, Lin Yan snapped back to her senses. Her head suddenly felt heavy.

    "Mr. Pei... Hold on... I'm here because I need to discuss something with you," Lin Yan said softly.

    Pei Yucheng seemed to be deep in thought as he released her. "Is it about Pei Yutang and his team?"

    Lin Yan shook her head. Why would she care about Pei Yutang's team?

    "Mr. Pei... It's about Xing Chen," Lin Yan probed gingerly.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes contained no trace of emotion when he heard Lin Yan. He wasn't the least bit surprised by her.

    "Brother Yu..."

    Pei Yucheng scanned their faces in silence.

    "Brother Yu, Miss Rong asked us to come here. She is worried about you and she misses you. She even said that if you refuse to visit her, she will look for you soon," the man told Pei Yucheng.

    Lin Yan knitted her eyebrows when she heard the man.

    Miss Rong... Who was this person? Where was she from?

    Demon had left her feeling confused and bewildered. Now, Miss Rong had entered the picture.

    She gathered from these people's responses that Miss Rong seemed to be close to Pei Yucheng. They should have a special relationship.

    "Hold on. Who is this, Brother Yu?"

    A girl in red suddenly turned to Lin Yan, her eyes glinting coldly.

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    Why is this woman so intimate with Pei Yucheng? The girl in red thought to herself.

    Xing Chen whipped out his phone and quietly sent Lin Yan a message. Then, he gave her a meaningful glance.

    Lin Yan took out her phone to read the message.

    Xing Chen couldn't really explain much with everyone around.

    'A Little Boy Who Loves Lollipops' had typed, 'Miss Lin, all these people are Miss Rong's confidants. Miss Rong grew up with Brother Yu so their bond goes way back. Besides, they have a complex relationship that's hard to explain. You don't have to be bothered by their responses or remarks.'
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