697 Intentional Provocation

    Chapter 697: Intentional Provocation

    Even she had grasped the fact that Ling Yue had offended Miss Rong, which was exactly why she had been severely punished. The people in the room that day were all on Miss Rong's side.

    Xing Chen shouldn't have pleaded now, but he hadn't managed to stop himself.

    Lin Yan sighed heavily, as all she could do was silently pray for Xing Chen right now.

    Pei Yucheng glanced at Xing Chen calmly after speaking.

    "Xing Chen, who do you think you're talking to?"

    Suddenly, Xu Yao surveyed Xing Chen coldly. "You are asking Brother Yu to forgive that b*tch... Ha! Are you joking?

    That b*tch offended Miss Rong in such a rude manner. Both Brother Yu and Miss Rong have been magnanimous enough not to chase her away. How dare you have the audacity to plead for her! Are you slighting Miss Rong?"

    A vein was throbbing against Xing Chen's forehead as Xu Yao spoke. His eyes were also blazing with cold fury.

    "Xing Chen, that b*tch offended Miss Rong. Miss Rong is being benevolent by punishing her in this way. If that b*tch wasn't one of Brother Yu's subordinates, she would have suffered a punishment a thousand times worse than this," Xu Yao remarked coolly.

    "I will say this again... She is Ling Yue and she isn't a b*tch..." Xing Chen had lowered his voice.

    At that moment, Lin Yan noticed that Xing Chen was trembling slightly and seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

    Ling Yue had to be a very important person to him. This man would give up everything for her.

    Xing Chen might have been able to ignore the temptation and not betray Pei Yucheng despite the other party's offer to free Ling Yue earlier on. However, she wasn't so sure now.

    "Brother Yu, Xing Chen has been with you long enough. However, do you think he is displaying the right behavior now? If Miss Rong were to know, I'm afraid that Xing Chen wouldn't be let off so easily." Xu Yao glanced at Pei Yucheng.

    "Stop adding fuel to the fire. I didn't mean to disrespect Miss Rong." Xing Chen hastily interjected.

    "Then what do you mean to do by speaking up for that b*tch?" Xu Yao chuckled coldly. "Xing Chen, you're such a devoted man... Let me tell you a secret. There are rumors that the b*tch has been seducing other men. Oh, that includes him."

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    Xu Yao pointed at the young man beside her.
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