698 Could You Reconsider On My Account?

    Chapter 698: Could You Reconsider On My Account?

    Lin Yan was powerless, as there was nothing she could do. Xing Chen was feeling too furious right now to read any warnings or messages from her.

    Xu Yao had led Xing Chen by the nose.

    He was usually the calm and rational one. He was smart too, but alas, any shred of logical thinking had escaped at the mention of Ling Yue.

    "Xing Chen, Xu Yao is right. That b*tch has seduced me before. As a man, I certainly didn't reject her... Then... Are you sure I should continue? Of course, if you don't mind..." The young man smirked at Xing Chen.

    "You are going to die!"

    Xing Chen, who could no longer keep his anger in check, exploded like a beast who had been unleashed. His fists turned into claws as he immediately went for the man's neck.

    Lin Yan, who had remained silent all this while, darted forward in the blink of an eye and grabbed Xing Chen's arm.

    The group of men and women instantly turned to Lin Yan, who had been long forgotten.

    Lin Yan couldn't help but sigh. He was truly an emotional fool.

    She could feel that he was about to erupt from anger. If she continued to hold him back, would he wallop her as well?

    Lin Yan also knew that it was too late to reverse the situation right now.

    If nothing changed for Ling Yue, there would only be two possibilities.

    Either Xing Chen would beat everyone up, which wouldn't be a good outcome given Miss Rong's support, or Xing Chen... would betray Pei Yucheng. He definitely would!

    Although she was thinking rationally, Lin Yan knew that she shouldn't sit idly and pretend that nothing had happened. However... it was hard for her to do so. After all, Xing Chen had been nice to her and had never treated her as an outsider.

    Lin Yan glared at Xing Chen fiercely and berated him. "Is your brain damaged? Did you forget what I promised you? I'm here to help!"

    Desperate times called for desperate measures. It was impossible for her to stop halfway, so she could only trudge on.

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    Xing Chen turned to Lin Yan as surprise mingled with his fury. He'd had no choice but to seek help from Lin Yan at that point in time. However, he also knew that she didn't owe him anything and wasn't obliged to help him.
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