699 As the Future Mrs. Pei

    Chapter 699: As the Future Mrs. Pei

    Reconsider on her account?

    Lin Yan had just finished speaking when everyone's attention was diverted to her.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes landed on Lin Yan before he spoke gently. "What do you mean?"

    Lin Yan pondered this quietly as she tried to marshal her thoughts. "Mr. Pei, can you forgive Ling Yue?"

    As she spoke, Xing Chen's expression registered shock and disbelief.

    Xing Chen had indeed sought Lin Yan's help. However, he hadn't thought that Lin Yan would really plead for Ling Yue, especially given the circumstances.

    "Did my ears fail me?"

    Xu Yao looked at Lin Yan with disdain in her eyes. "Miss, aren't you meddling too much? You don't know the whole story, so I think you shouldn't plead for others without thinking."

    Pei Yucheng studied Lin Yan quietly.

    "A reason?"

    Lin Yan blinked in astonishment.

    She was stumped by his question.

    "Brother Yu, don't blame Miss Lin. She did this because I pestered her some time ago to make her help me. That's why Miss Lin interfered..."

    Xing Chen hastily tried to explain when he realized that Lin Yan was about to be implicated.

    Pei Yucheng didn't speak. Instead, he continued to watch Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan's eyes met Xu Yao's. At that moment, Xu Yao was staring at her with contempt and mockery in her eyes. Lin Yan knew that next to the noble Miss Rong, she looked like a clown to Xu Yao.

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    Flames of fury leaped inside Lin Yan as she studied Xu Yao with an ambiguous smile. Then, she turned around to face Pei Yucheng and said casually, "The reason is that, as the future Mrs. Pei, I should have the right to speak up, right?"
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