701 I Regretted Not Offending You Even More

    Chapter 701: I Regretted Not Offending You Even More

    After Xu Yao, Xing Chen, and everyone else left, Lin Yan and Pei Yucheng were the only ones left in the room.

    Lin Yan, who had finally calmed down, scratched her head awkwardly. "Ahem... Mr. Pei, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blabber just now. I shouldn't have interfered..."

    What had possessed her and made her declare that she was the future Mrs. Pei?

    That was absurd!

    When Pei Yucheng heard her, his eyes roved over the girl languidly. "Blabber? Miss Lin, which words are you referring to?"

    Which words?

    She was certainly referring to calling herself the future Mrs. Pei!

    However, as Lin Yan was about to clarify, she sensed that the atmosphere had turned cold.

    She had been doing her best to keep up the pretense of being his girlfriend.

    Wasn't that enough?

    Even if she hadn't fully and thoroughly understood the Pei Family, she was nevertheless aware of what being Mrs. Pei meant.

    Pei Yucheng replied suddenly before Lin Yan could ponder this any further. "Sorry... about earlier. I didn't mean to offend you."

    Lin Yan was taken aback. "Huh? What?"

    How had he offended her?

    Pei Yucheng's eyes landed on her lips quietly.

    At that moment, Lin Yan felt a lingering sensation of the earlier invasion...

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    She noticed Pei Yucheng's gaze and finally understood what he meant. She coughed and choked violently. "No... It was nothing! It's fine! It was my fault for barging in and interrupting your nap!"

    Lin Yan started getting worried when the man pressed on slowly. "But nothing is more important than the future Mrs. Pei."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    He had broken the rules!
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