702 Alas... Women!

    Chapter 702: Alas... Women!

    The next morning at Cloud Manor...

    The cats were meowing loudly and their hair was strewn all over the floor.

    The fight between them had escalated into an epic saga.

    Lin Yan was about to enter the room when the scene shocked her.

    How could this be her room?

    Before she'd left, she had tidied it up. She had even vacuumed the floor and gotten rid of all the cat fur. How long had she been gone?

    Her clean, tidy room had been transformed into a battlefield for the two cats. Their fur was all over the floor and even on the bed and pillows!

    "Ahh! My bag!"

    Lin Yan looked really frightening now. She had no idea who was the culprit who had scratched her bag several times.

    How could she use the bag now?

    "Who did it? Confess now!" Lin Yan picked up the bag from the floor and almost spat out blood again.

    What kind of sin had she committed?

    "Ha ha ha... Daddy, are you dumb? How could a cat talk? If cats could..."

    Pei Yutang stopped abruptly mid-sentence when he sensed the murderous aura coming from Lin Yan once again.

    "Yeah! Who did it? Step forward right now! How can you be a cat if you don't dare confess?" Pei Yutang cried out pompously.

    Both the orange kitten and the Ragdoll fell silent as they turned to Lin Yan.

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    The Ragdoll's claw was still on the orange kitten's face.

    Lin Yan reckoned that it had to be the culprit.
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