703 Dont Think You Can Do Whatever You Want Because Of Your Looks

    Chapter 703: Don't Think You Can Do Whatever You Want Because Of Your Looks

    Lin Yan turned to the Ragdoll. "You must be the one who scratched my bag!"

    Although the Ragdoll was a female and looked as gorgeous as an elegant princess, its temper was horrible and it behaved like a tigress. It would pick a fight with the orange kitten for no reason.

    Lin Yan reckoned that it had to be the culprit.

    Her heart was dripping with blood at the thought of the money she had spent on her new bag.

    Before leaving, she remembered that she had locked them up in their cage. How could they have escaped so easily?

    Lin Yan eyed the Ragdoll sternly and hissed, "You must be the culprit! Your brother is so cute. Why would he do such a thing?"

    The Ragdoll was speechless...

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    After the Ragdoll left the cage, it leaped onto Lin Yan's desk and began to play with Lin Yan's new bag. When it got tired of it, it threw the new bag on the floor.

    It then proceeded to the orange kitten's cage and watched it.

    The Ragdoll knew that the orange kitten couldn't threaten it and it got bolder. It stretched its paw into the cage and began to hit the orange kitten.

    Finally, the orange kitten stretched its paws to retaliate. It waved both paws wildly and accidentally opened the cage door.

    After the door flung open, both kittens froze. Seconds later, the Ragdoll, who had been provoking the orange kitten, fled.

    The orange kitten sprinted after it furiously, pressed its body against the Ragdoll, and pinned it to the floor.

    Although the Ragdoll couldn't win, it continued to provoke and harass the orange kitten on many occasions...

    Lin Yan was speechless...

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    Pei Yutang spluttered, "What the... I couldn't believe that Little Thousand was the culprit! It's so good-looking, yet it behaves like a hooligan!"

    Lin Yan's raised hand paused in mid-air.
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