705 Did Anyone Vote?

    Chapter 705: Did Anyone Vote?

    'Many Clouds In The Wind' typed, 'What a fine-looking Ragdoll. That aside, it must be a premium pedigree worth at least 50,000 yuan. Who would abandon such a precious pet? It's dumb of her to claim that it's a stray. So gross!'

    'Enduring The Darkest Night and The Most Expensive Mask' commented, 'I began to notice Lin Yan after that racing competition. I didn't expect her to be so pretentious and scheming! To gain entry to that charity event, she 'coincidentally' adopted two kittens just as voting was about to commence. What has left me speechless is that one of the kittens is of such a premium pedigree! I laughed out loud just now. If she has the ability to adopt one more, I shall believe her!'

    'I Love to Drink Happy Water' replied, 'Tsk! Is she trying to imitate Lin Shuya again? Lin Shuya is an angel, whereas she is merely acting. She is trying to compete with Shuya's Angel's Shelter with two kittens? Ha ha ha! Everyone, let's not watch this show. We should vote for Angel's Shelter!'

    Lin Yan was confused by all these comments. She was merely trying to locate the kitten's owner...

    This priceless kitten had gone missing and she knew that the owner had to be anxious right now. All these people were being ridiculous.

    At the mention of Angel's Shelter, Lin Yan once again had to marvel at Lin Shuya's schemes.

    Angel's Shelter had been founded by Lin Yan six years ago and was an organization that took in all kinds of strays. However, when she'd left to go overseas years ago, she hadn't had the time to manage it anymore. Thus, she had left Angel's Shelter to Lin Shuya to manage while she had paid for all the expenses that came up.

    Lin Shuya had been unwilling and reluctant to help at first, yet everyone now thought that Lin Shuya was the founder of Angel's Shelter. What a joke...

    All the comments were praising Lin Shuya for being so kind. A portion of the comments was attacking Lin Yan for putting on a show for the sake of the charity event.

    At the same time, in an office somewhere...

    Lin Shuya stood before the French windows and gazed at the scenery with her lips curling slightly.

    "Sister Shuya, the post is now trending at the top spot."

    Lin Shuya's assistant strode in and reported to her.

    She nodded and fell silent. "Did anyone vote for Lin Yan?"

    Her assistant checked the date and shook her head. "Sister Shuya, there are only a handful of votes. She won't be able to attend the event with these votes."

    Most of the guests who qualified to attend the event either held top management positions in various fields or were celebrities. In addition, they had to contribute to charity. Other than these guests, a selected number of guests would be voted by people. Those who garnered the most votes would receive an invitation to attend the event.

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