706 Auroras Biggest Shareholder

    Chapter 706: Aurora's Biggest Shareholder

    Thanks to Angel's Shelter, Lin Shuya had naturally qualified and received an invitation to the charity event. She didn't have to go through any voting process whatsoever.

    Those who required votes to attend the charity event were usually unknown people who merely wanted to see what the event was like.

    As for Lin Yan, she would need a large number of votes to qualify for the charity event.

    "Get Lin Yan to attend the charity show." Lin Shuya glanced at her assistant with a faint smile.

    As Lin Shuya's words fell, her assistant was stumped. Confused, she stared at Lin Shuya with a conflicted expression before she stammered, "Sister Shuya... Did I hear you correctly? You want... Lin Yan to attend the charity event?"

    "You're right. That's what I said." Lin Shuya smirked.

    Her assistant frowned at her response. "Sister Shuya, why? Is that woman even fit to attend the charity event?"

    Lin Shuya glanced swiftly at her assistant. "Do as I say."

    Everyone believed that Angel's Shelter had been founded by Lin Shuya. There was no doubt about that.

    During the charity event, everyone would praise and compliment her for managing Angel's Shelter. She would be recognized for her efforts, while Lin Yan would become a worthless clown sitting in a corner.

    Why would everyone criticize Lin Yan? She was merely someone who had put on a show to get her hands on an invitation to the charity event.

    At this thought, Lin Shuya was amused and delighted. If Lin Yan didn't go, things would be less lively.

    "Sister Shuya."

    A young man in a racing uniform marched swiftly into the office.

    "How is Aurora?" Lin Shuya turned to the man.

    "Sister Shuya, the transaction is complete. Right now, we are their main investor. We have acquired 31% of their shares," the man expounded.

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    "31%... Is that the highest amount?" Lin Shuya asked the man.
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