707 Collusion

    Chapter 707: Collusion

    Getting 30% of the shares wasn't Lin Shuya's ultimate goal.

    "Who else holds shares of Aurora?" Lin Shuya turned to the young man.

    "Sister Shuya, I'm not sure. However, when they were still the He family team, He Dingkun's oldest son, He Xiong had some shares," answered the young man slowly.

    Lin Shuya's lips curled up into a grin. If He Xiong was involved, this matter would be easy to handle.

    "Got it. You may leave," said Lin Shuya.

    "Alright, Sister Shuya. Let me know if you need me." He turned around and left.

    Lin Shuya picked up her phone and browsed through her contacts. A minute later, she dialed a number.

    "Who is this?" He Xiong answered.

    "Uncle, I won't beat around the bush. I wanted to ask you if you have any He family team shares, or rather Aurora shares," Lin Shuya said clearly.

    "Of course I do... Why are you asking this?" He Xiong sounded wary and doubtful.

    "Uncle, my team has acquired some Aurora shares recently. If you're willing to transfer your shares to me, I will be the biggest shareholder... And that means I will be able to control Aurora," replied Lin Shuya.

    He Xiong scorned aloud. "Lin Shuya, is your brain damaged? Or perhaps you think mine is? You want to take my shares away? Dream on!"

    Despite He Xiong's hostile manner, Lin Shuya wasn't anxious. She chuckled lightly and pressed on. "Uncle, don't be so hostile with me. I can assure you that I'm different from my sister. If you give me your shares, I will pay you twice their market price.

    Besides, you will be the person in charge of Aurora. The two of us can manage Aurora together. We will be the ones making the decisions."

    When Lin Shuya finished speaking, He Xiong fell silent.

    Even if He Xiong refused to comply, she would use some other method to get her hands on the shares.

    try {

    window._mNHandle.queue.push(function () {

    window._mNDetails.loadTag("386623558", "300x250", "386623558");



    catch (error) {


    Seconds later, He Xiong asked suspiciously, "Lin Shuya, is this a joke? Why would you be so kind?"
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