710 Im Talented

    Chapter 710: I'm Talented

    Upon hearing Ling Yue's words, Lin Yan was taken aback. Ling Yue wanted to stay with her?

    She even wanted to help her earn money?

    "Sister-in-law, Brother Yu has told me that if you're willing, I can stay with you... Do you need a bodyguard?" Ling Yue gazed at Lin Yan with hope gleaming in her eyes.

    "Huh?" Lin Yan was slightly shocked by Ling Yue's question. Why would she need a bodyguard?

    She didn't mean to brag, but she could fend off several strong men. Previously, she had thought that she should apply to be a part-time bodyguard, as she indeed had the ability to be one...

    "Miss Lin, Ling Yue's skills are perverted," Xing Chen quipped.

    Ling Yue scowled at Xing Chen. "Are you calling me a pervert?"

    Xing Chen hastily explained, "I didn't mean it that way. I wanted to say that you have insane skills."

    "Miss Lin, just have Ling Yue stay with you. Brother Yu has already agreed, and she is just waiting for your consent."

    "Hmmm..." Lin Yan deliberated quietly before she finally nodded. "Alright then."

    Since Pei Yucheng had promised Ling Yue, Lin Yan had no reason to turn her down. Ling Yue might seem aloof, but she was surprisingly warm and friendly with her. She couldn't reject her.

    "Xing Chen, you don't have to stay here. Leave now." Ling Yue commanded Xing Chen.

    Xing Chen was speechless...

    He stroked his nose before he left.

    After he left, Ling Yue and Lin Yan were left alone.

    "Sister-in-law, I understand your situation. Before I came to meet you, I did some research on you," replied Ling Yue softly.

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    Lin Yan was surprised to know that she was that professional.
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