711 I Go By Another Name

    Chapter 711: I Go By Another Name

    Lin Yan gazed at Ling Yue as she thought to herself. This girl wasn't as simple as she looked.

    "Ling Yue, are you familiar with what goes on in the industry?" asked Lin Yan.

    Ling Yue nodded in response. "Yeah, sister-in-law. Do you know Summit Entertainment?"

    Lin Yan was taken aback by the mention of Summit Entertainment. She had just signed a contract and she was an artist managed by the company.

    "Of course I do." Lin Yan nodded.

    "Sister-in-law, I was actually the person in charge of Summit Entertainment. I also go by another name... Amy," quipped Ling Yue.

    Lin Yan froze when she heard Ling Yue's declaration.

    What had she said?

    No one knew why Amy had left Summit Entertainment and had since vanished. There had been no news of her ever since.

    So... the reason for her disappearance was that she had offended Miss Rong?

    Ling Yue deduced from Lin Yan's expression that she had heard of Amy.

    She chuckled lightly. "Sister-in-law, at the time, I was helping manage the company and I offended someone... That's why I was forced to leave the Pei Family. Thank you, sister-in-law! Without you, I wouldn't be back!"

    Lin Yan sighed in response.

    Ling Yue then diverted her attention back to the screen. "Sister-in-law, I've analyzed the situation. Based on your popularity, it would be impossible for you to garner so many votes. Someone is deliberately buying votes so that you can attend the charity event."

    Lin Yan didn't retort. If the vote had been for the most villainous and scheming actress, it would have been possible. However, this was for a charity event...

    If someone had been buying votes for her, who could it be?

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    An ordinary person wouldn't be able to do that.
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