713 You Resemble Someone

    Chapter 713: You Resemble Someone

    "I used my connections recently to research you. The results yielded showed that you had adopted some strays before you went abroad...

    After connecting all these dots, I'm sure that you were the one who established Angel's Shelter. Then, you went abroad and asked for Lin Shuya's help to manage it temporarily. After Lin Shuya became a celebrity, she certainly exploited Angel's Shelter to her advantage given her character. She wanted to gain support and recognition from the public. Sister-in-law, she will never admit that you were the original founder." Ling Yue finished speaking smoothly.

    "Are you a strategist employed by the Pei Family?" Lin Yan gazed at Ling Yue in awe.

    Ling Yue shook her head promptly and replied softly, "Sister-in-law, you think too highly of me. The Pei Family isn't as simple as you imagine.

    This family is exceedingly complicated, and there are complex relationships. Even Brother Yu and his father are just members of the Pei Family.

    There are experts and masters everywhere in the Pei Family. Intelligence is concealed and abundant. I'm just insignificant and stupid."

    Lin Yan was dumbfounded. What had she said? Stupid?

    She was torn between laughing and crying. She was Amy, the woman who had controlled the entertainment industry and could summon rain and wind with a snap of her fingers, yet she claimed that she was insignificant?

    Because of these people, Pei Yucheng had drifted apart from his father. Thus, even his grandfather had begun to suspect Pei Yucheng's impure motives. As a result, he had been 'exiled' to the capital city of this country.

    Before today, Lin Yan had never once thought that the Pei Family would be this complex. It seemed too incredible and unimaginable.

    Lin Yan suddenly pitied Pei Yucheng. He was really capable and competent, which was why he was being targeted. As a result, he was drifting apart from his father, his grandfather mistrusted him, and he had even been 'exiled'.

    "Sister-in-law, you actually really resemble someone I've met." Suddenly, Ling Yue interrupted Lin Yan's thoughts.
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