714 Brother Yu Has Good Foresigh

    Chapter 714: Brother Yu Has Good Foresight

    Lin Yan's curiosity was piqued. "Who is that?"

    As Ling Yue stared intently at Lin Yan's face, she swallowed her words back. With a shake of her head, she quipped, "Ahem... Nothing. Just someone who passed away. Oh yeah, sister-in-law..."

    "Hold on! Let's change the way you address me. After all, my relationship with Brother Yu hasn't been made public yet," said Lin Yan.

    Ling Yue expressed her agreement by nodding. "As an artist, you certainly have to be mindful of your private life to avoid unnecessary trouble."

    She contemplated this briefly before reeling off, "Then I'll address you as Sister Yan! Sister Yan, what are your plans for the upcoming charity function? Lin Shuya has deliberately helped you buy votes so that you can attend. She wants you to witness her seize everything that should have belonged to you!"

    Ling Yue had finally stopped calling her sister-in-law, so Lin Yan was relieved. She waved her hands nonchalantly as she quipped, "I'm not interested in being a charity ambassador. I should seize this opportunity to get more jobs instead! I need to earn money to buy food for my darlings!"

    The reason she had founded Angel's Shelter was to house strays. She had no intention of using it to gain anything.

    Ling Yue, who had sort of expected Lin Yan's answer, sighed helplessly.

    On the way, her manager informed her about some arrangements that had been made for the day. After he confirmed that Lin Shuya would be the only one filming with Gu Xinhan that day, he grinned brightly at Lin Shuya.

    "Shuya, the management has arranged for only you and Gu Xinhan to film the video. It seems like you are set to be the charity angel this year."

    During this critical period, she had been invited to appear with last year's winner. It went without saying that she would be crowned charity angel.

    Lin Shuya scanned the scenery outside the window as a triumphant smile flitted across her exquisite face.

    "It's just a video and a poster. Everything is still in progress, so it's uncertain."

    "How could that be? Your votes have exceeded each and every other artist's. You have left everyone in the dust! I reckon that even the management has basically confirmed that you will be the winner this year. Otherwise, why would they mobilize Gu Xinhan to shoot the publicity campaign with you?

    Shuya, you're always really humble. Haven't you read the comments? Everyone believes that you deserve the title." Her manager beamed at her.

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