715 Why Were They So Different?

    Chapter 715: Why Were They So Different?

    Given Lin Shuya's current status and reputation, money wasn't her priority. If she wanted to scale greater heights, she would need more public recognition and influence.

    The charity event's contest would be the perfect opportunity.

    Both the society and public would prefer to shine the limelight on an artist who was actively involved in charity.

    Thus, Lin Shuya's value would grow exponentially.

    "The comments don't count." Lin Shuya gave her manager a non-committal smile, as though she was nonchalant about the entire thing. However, the fleeting expression in her eyes had betrayed her inner thoughts.

    "Why not? The contest for the charity angel is based on voting. You established Angel's Shelter years ago, and everyone knows that.

    In contrast, your sister Lin Yan is busy making a last-minute effort in order to qualify. She has gotten some kittens from who-knows-where to put on a show. She even got an expensive Ragdoll and tried to pass it off as a stray! What a joke! Does she really think that it's so easy to do charity?

    Do you know how bad the criticism is online? She doesn't even have a brain when it comes to putting on a show." Her manager roared with laughter.

    Lin Shuya smiled bitterly and fell silent. She then turned around and pretended to gaze out of the window.

    A victorious smile spread across her face gradually and shattered her facade of nonchalance and helplessness.

    To think that the mess Lin Yan had left behind years ago would have helped her so much.

    When she had first debuted, being the founder of Angel's Shelter had given her a lot of attention and benefits. She had won the admiration of the public and been recognized as the national angel.

    She had thought that would be the only value of Angel's Shelter, yet it had brought her something unexpected once again. Many other celebrities had failed to become charity ambassadors. Meanwhile, she had succeeded effortlessly without doing anything.

    Just Angel's Shelter alone had allowed her to crush all her competitors by getting the most votes.

    She had been in the lead and the charity event management had arranged for her to work with Gu Xinhan. She knew that the title would be hers.

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