716 Too Naive

    Chapter 716: Too Naive

    The director and photographer were frantically directing and instructing the production crew on how to set up.

    There was also a number of cats and dogs that would be featured along with the artists later. All of them had been brought over from Angel's Shelter.

    Gu Xinhan, who had arrived, was surrounded by the excited animals. The venue was lively and busy.

    "Sister Han!"

    "Shuya, you're here!" Gu Xinhan smiled and greeted Lin Shuya as she held a kitten in her hands.

    Gu Xinhan's looks didn't particularly shine amidst other actresses, but she appealed to the public because of her gentle aura and approachability.

    The kitten, which was a little playful, struggled by thrashing its paws.

    "Ouch!" Gu Xinhan cried out in pain when she saw the red marks on her arm.

    Her manager said in a hushed whisper, "Shuya, don't tell me you really think this is the real Gu Xinhan? You're the only one naive enough to believe that.

    Anyone who can attain a certain status and reputation can't be simple. Unlike you, she isn't doing charity work because she loves it. It's for fame.

    You don't know this, as it happened before you debuted. A few years ago, she was embroiled in an ugly scandal. Later on, she slowly repaired her reputation by doing charity work. Eventually, she ended up with the title."

    "But Sister Han seems to like little animals..." Lin Shuya looked puzzled.

    Her manager looked at her helplessly. "No wonder Chairman Lin is worried about you. He said that you're too naive and I have to watch out for you."

    Lin Shuya wiped away any trace of shrewdness in her eyes and blinked innocently.

    Filming commenced shortly.

    Getting the little animals to cooperate wasn't easy, so filming didn't go as smoothly as planned. Some were frolicking around, while the rest pranced around the venue.

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    However, thanks to Gu Xinhan and Lin Shuya's patience and cooperation, filming went well.
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