718 Ill Introduce You To Her

    Chapter 718: I'll Introduce You To Her

    "Are you giving it to me?" Gu Xinhan's eyes lit up, but her expression remained hesitant.

    Lin Shuya smiled warmly and said, "Sister Han, this necklace doesn't suit me, so it would be wasted. Only you are classy enough to pull it off. Why shouldn't I give it to the person this necklace suits the most?

    Besides, it's your birthday next month. Just consider it a birthday present from me. Sister Han, if you refused to take it, that would mean that you don't treat me as your friend."

    Lin Shuya had spoken beautifully. She had praised Gu Xinhan while also giving her a reason to accept the present.

    Indeed, Gu Xinhan finally relented. "Alright then, I shall keep it. Thank you, Shuya. You're really thoughtful."

    "Sister Han, don't be so courteous. I wanted to thank you for guiding me during filming earlier. It was my first time filming with animals and I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, you helped me," Lin Shuya said humbly.

    Gu Xinhan, who was in a good mood after being praised, shut the box and smiled brightly. "Shuya, don't be so humble. I feel pleased that you are the one replacing me. I'm sure everyone else agrees with me! We have witnessed your efforts, and everyone is convinced of how kind you are. You just lack experience and connections!"

    Gu Xinhan knew all about Lin Shuya's background. Other than being the daughter of the boss of Triumph Entertainment, she was also the future mistress of the Han corporation. Of course she yearned to be friends with her.

    Lin Shuya had previously tried to get close to Cheng Min. However, it was already hard for significant people to meet her, let alone for artists like her.

    She had tried to use various connections to no avail.

    Gu Xinhan said, "I managed to meet Vice President Cheng when I was the charity angel last year. Don't worry, I'll bring you with me when the time comes. Besides, you're already going to be this year's winner. That's a fact."

    Lin Shuya replied humbly, "There are still a few days left before the voting process ends."
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