717 Trying Her Utmost To Befriend Her

    Chapter 717: Trying Her Utmost To Befriend Her

    In the meantime, in Gu Xinhan's makeup room...

    Gu Xinhan had a kitten in her arms as she spoke to the director. "It's so adorable! I can't bear to part with it. Can I play with it for a bit longer?"

    "Ha ha! Of course you can play with it a bit more. I'll get someone to pick it up later."

    "Thank you, Director!" Gu Xinhan replied happily.

    "It's not a big deal. Xinhan, I shall not disturb you any longer. I'll go check the videos now."


    The director turned and left the room.

    In the makeup room, only Gu Xinhan, her assistant, manager, and makeup artist were left.

    Gu Xinhan's assistant was holding the kitten with a hand when Lin Shuya walked toward her. She hastily carried the kitten with both arms and said, "Sister Shuya! Are you here to look for Sister Han?"

    "Yeah. Where is Sister Han?"

    "She is removing her makeup inside."

    Lin Shuya nodded and feigned ignorance.

    "Sister Han!"

    "Shuya, are you done with your part?" When Gu Xinhan saw Lin Shuya, she put her polite expression back on.

    Lin Shuya nodded. "Yeah, I finished the last scene."

    "Were you looking for me?" asked Gu Xinhan.

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    Lin Shuya took a red gift box out of her bag and placed it on Gu Xinhan's dressing table. She then said casually, "It's not much. I heard that you were trying to bid for a necklace at an auction last week..."
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