719 She Would Feel Uncomfortable If No One Were To Scold Her

    Chapter 719: She Would Feel Uncomfortable If No One Were To Scold Her

    Lin Shuya gazed quietly at Gu Xinhan. Deep down, she already had her heart set on being the charity angel of the year.

    Other than that title, she had been plotting to use Gu Xinhan to get to know Cheng Min.

    Both the mother and daughter were famous figures and had many connections. Although they weren't from the industry, everyone knew them.

    Cheng Min's mother was highly respected for contributing her entire life to charity.

    Lin Shuya had wished to befriend the vice president for a long time but had heard that Cheng Min was hard to get along with and disliked people who used connections to get what they wanted. Hence, Lin Shuya hadn't acted rashly. Frankly speaking, she just hadn't had the opportunity to get near Cheng Min.

    It was different this time. If Gu Xinhan were to introduce her, getting to know Cheng Min would seem natural.

    "Oh yeah, Sister Han. Are you close to Vice President Cheng Min?"

    Lin Shuya smiled sweetly at Gu Xinhan.

    'White Cabbage and Streaky Pork' had typed, 'Lin Yan is really thick-skinned. She got a Ragdoll just to get her hands on that charity function invitation. When everyone ignored her, she decided to use the votes. I don't believe that anyone would vote for Lin Yan! If you did, raise your hand!'

    'Silly Girl in Autumn" replied, 'How hilarious! Who would vote for her? Anyone with a brain would know that the voting process is rigged. I have been watching the people who have been doing charity all this while. Their combined votes aren't as many as Lin Yan's! This woman would resort to anything just to attend the charity event. She can dream on if she hopes to become someone like Shuya. She isn't worthy enough to shine Shuya's shoes!'

    'Smelly Feet' typed, 'Whatever Shuya does, she will definitely copy her. In the end, she's failed horribly. Shuya established Angel's Shelter years ago and she is known for her kindness and beauty. The title will definitely be hers this year. Who does that woman think she is? Without using these underhanded methods, she would be nothing! If she had founded a charity business just like Shuya, I would have had nothing to say. In the end, she put on a show with a kitten! This failed, so she had to use votes. What an unscrupulous, lowly, and vicious woman! She is more evil than the villains in novels!'

    As Lin Yan read the comments, she stroked the kitten gently. Her black sweater was covered in fur.

    "Sister, do you want to fight back?"

    Ling Yue, who had been using her phone, turned to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan snapped to her senses and grinned at her. "This is normal. I've already gotten used to it."

    She would feel uncomfortable if no one were to scold her.

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    "I guess Lin Shuya is behind all these votes," said Ling Yue thoughtfully.
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