720 How Could She Be That Woman?

    Chapter 720: How Could She Be That Woman?

    Lin Yan stood up with Thousand Bags Of Cash and Prosperous New Year in her arms. She placed them back into their respective cages before dusting the fur off her clothes.

    "I know that." Some time later, Lin Yan turned to glance at Ling Yue with a soft chuckle. "Other than Lin Shuya, no one else would do that. This is her usual style."

    Ling Yue mulled over Lin Yan's words quietly with a faint smile. Then, something hit her and she said, "Sister, this is actually a good opportunity for you."

    Lin Yan nodded thoughtfully. "I understand what you mean."

    First and foremost, if she could really get her hands on an invitation to such a prestigious charity function, she would stand to benefit. Besides, her reputation had been smeared online so it wouldn't matter how she had managed to qualify. Even if someone were to pour a bucket of ink over her, she wouldn't turn any blacker.

    Lin Yan certainly understood what Ling Yue meant.

    Angel's Shelter had nothing to do with Lin Shuya. Lin Yan had established it all by herself years ago.

    If she could use this charity function to clarify the series of events regarding Angel's Shelter... that would be really interesting.

    Ling Yue raised her head to glance at Lin Yan.

    She chuckled softly. "No. I just feel that you..."

    "What about me?" Lin Yan was puzzled.

    Ling Yue had mentioned that she resembled someone during their first meeting. However, she had since remained silent on that topic.

    She shook her head instantly after a brief moment.

    No way... Lin Yan couldn't be her...

    How could she possibly appear in this country? And how could she become Pei Yucheng's woman?

    That person had gone missing and was most likely dead.

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    Her impression of that woman was that she was insane, imposing, and had treated everyone and everything as though they were nothing.
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