721 Super Intelligence Agen

    Chapter 721: Super Intelligence Agent

    Years ago, Ling Yue had only heard that this woman had been secretly planning something and was about to act on it. Ever since, she had vanished without a trace.

    Ling Yue wasn't important or close enough to get near that person. Without a doubt, she couldn't have known about her plans or what had happened afterward.

    Not only had the woman vanished, but her close confidantes had gone missing as well.

    Initially, Ling Yue hadn't believed that the woman had died. However, years had gone by and there had been no news of her. Thus, she'd begun to accept reality.

    That aloof, powerful woman had probably died after an unforeseen event.

    Initially, Ling Yue had felt lost when she had no longer received any instructions from the woman. She'd had no idea what she should do. However, she had managed to stay with the Pei Family and still lead an ordinary life. It didn't seem to be such... a bad idea to leave that dangerous, mysterious industry.

    She had almost forgotten her past until she'd met Lin Yan.

    Her memory of that woman and Lin Yan had been aligned.

    "Someone?" Lin Yan sized Ling Yue up. "Is she someone close to you?"

    Ling Yue fell deep in thought.

    She had merely been one of the woman's lowest subordinates. That summed up their relationship.

    Ling Yue shook her head instantly. "Of course I'm not close to her. She is a super-powerful monster."

    Lin Yan felt rather awkward as she looked at Ling Yue. "Do you mean that I look like a super-powerful monster?"

    She wasn't worthy enough!

    "Sister, you're indeed a super-powerful monster of an industry," Ling Yue remarked wistfully.


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    Lin Yan was taken aback, as she had no clue what Ling Yue meant.
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