722 He Trusted Her Completely?

    Chapter 722: He Trusted Her Completely?

    Lin Yan voiced out her doubts and Ling Yue explained that she was the only one who could access that information and sources. She wouldn't reveal it to anyone easily.

    According to Ling Yue, Pei Yucheng had never once used her sources to investigate Lin Yan.

    Had Pei Yucheng trusted her completely?

    She thought that when a man like Pei Yucheng dated someone, it wouldn't be surprising if he investigated the ancestors of the woman.


    Lin Shuya, who had reached the venue of the charity event bright and early in the morning, was observing a lady a short distance away from her.

    Cheng Min was wearing a black outfit and she had short black hair. Her outfit and hair made her look smart and capable as she discussed with some people from charity organizations.

    Just like the rumors claimed, Cheng Min was indeed a workaholic. She had just flown back from City S that day and she would have to rush to another function later.

    As Gu Xinhan talked, she was surveying Cheng Min. Finally, Cheng Min finished chatting with the others and Gu Xinhan nudged Lin Shuya. "Shuya, come with me!"

    Lin Shuya immediately obeyed and trailed after Gu Xinhan.

    "Sister Cheng Min!" Gu Xinhan greeted Cheng Min politely.

    Cheng Min nodded slightly at Gu Xinhan. Although she didn't appear warm, her attitude was nevertheless better than the way she had treated the other two actresses.

    "Regarding the charity function discussed with Manager Cui, I've spoken to my management company and my company is very supportive. I will do my best too!"

    At the mention of work-related matters, Cheng Min became more focused and listened to Gu Xinhan.

    The other actresses noticed Gu Xinhan talking to Cheng Min and felt envious.

    "Lin Shuya has spent more time and effort on charity than acting. No wonder Vice President Cheng sees her in a different light!"

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    "What do you mean? Do you really think Vice President Cheng can't see her motives?"
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