724 Disqualify Her

    Chapter 724: Disqualify Her

    "Oh yeah, Sister Cheng Min, will the President be attending the event next week?" Gu Xinhan probed cautiously.

    Cheng Min answered promptly, "My mother isn't feeling too well so she hasn't been attending public events for some time. Hence, I should be the one attending the event on her behalf."

    Gu Xinhan nodded to express her understanding. "Her health is more important."

    Although Lin Shuya was a little disappointed that the old President wouldn't be attending, Cheng Min's attitude toward her meant that she was close to achieving her goal of entering the charity industry.

    Lin Shuya had maintained her mask of humility and politeness all along. "Actually, when I first started Angel's Shelter, I didn't think that far ahead. Even now, all I want is to provide a safe home for strays.

    Shakespeare once said that the quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. Upon the place beneath, it is twice blessed. When I'm doing all these things, I actually feel blessed."

    Cheng Min sighed aloud. "In the past few years, there has been a generally unhealthy trend. It's rare to see a pure, kind person like you, Miss Lin."

    "I'm just an insignificant spot of light. There are many seniors like Sister Han and, of course, the old President, who possess generous, big hearts."

    'Even the promotional video is out! Shuya will definitely be crowned!'

    'That goes without saying! Even the Vice President of the charity organization has praised her a lot!'

    'To top it off, the elderly President knew that Shuya established Angel's Shelter!'


    At the same time, many people began to attack Lin Yan once again for buying votes and pretending to do charity by adopting a kitten.

    'What the... I can't take it anymore! Lin Yan is downright shameless! She is like a disgusting piece of plaster who refuses to leave Lin Shuya. How could she use charity to try to salvage her reputation?'

    'How is she even fit to do charity? She sullies everything she touches!'

    'Only a blind person would vote for her! How dare she be so brazen as to buy votes! Isn't the management going to do anything about this? How can they allow her to be included in the election? They should eliminate her!'

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    Many people tried to badger the charity organization management in a bid to get them to investigate Lin Yan's votes. All of them were clamoring for Lin Yan to be disqualified.
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