723 The Founder of Angels Shelter

    Chapter 723: The Founder of Angel's Shelter

    In the past few years, an increasing number of celebrities had been using charity to gain popularity. Thus, the charity angel election had become more commercialized.

    Nevertheless, it was good that celebrities were doing more charity work. Cheng Min had never once expressed her thoughts on this, but she didn't particularly approve of it.

    Hence, when Gu Xinhan mentioned that Lin Shuya was in the lead, Cheng Min remained expressionless.

    Lin Shuya noticed her indifference and furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

    Cheng Min was indeed a tough nut to crack...

    Gu Xinhan had tried to introduce Lin Shuya as enthusiastically as she could, but the interaction turned awkward when Cheng Min seemed nonchalant.

    Nonetheless, Gu Xinhan trudged on. "Shuya is the daughter of Lin Yuetong, who owns Triumph Entertainment. Her fiancée is the young master of the Han Corporation, Han Yixuan. She has always been interested in charity and she is the founder of Angel's Shelter..."

    Cheng Min was impassive initially as she listened to Gu Xinhan. At the mention of Angel's Shelter, she finally reacted. "Angel's Shelter..." she mumbled.

    Due to her failing health, she had refrained from making public appearances and left Cheng Min in charge of everything. However, she was still highly-respected and renowned.

    Initially, Lin Shuya had merely wanted Cheng Min to know her name. To her surprise, she would reap an unexpected reward.

    Cheng Min nodded and quipped, "Because of Miss Lin, who is truly genuine about doing charity and helping others, there is hope for the charity industry. On behalf of the organization, I would like to thank you for your support, Miss Lin."

    Cheng Min had cast away her aloofness and wariness.

    Lin Shuya suppressed the delight in her and replied, "Vice President Cheng, you are flattering me. This is what I am supposed to do."

    Many others around them had overheard Cheng Min and Lin Shuya's conversation and began to discuss amongst themselves after Lin Shuya won Cheng Min's approval.

    "Angel's Shelter is the best and biggest animal organization in the country! Miss Lin has indeed invested a lot of effort into establishing Angel's Shelter!"

    "Shuya is definitely going to win the title this year. She deserves it!"

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