725 She Is Too Stingy

    Chapter 725: She Is Too Stingy

    In Zhao Hongling's office...

    Duoduo exploded furiously after reading the criticism online. "F*ck! What's wrong? Lin Shuya is so scheming! She has directed the entire show and she is now here to report Sister Yan! There is no way Sister Yan would buy votes!"

    Lin Yan was visibly touched when she heard how much Duoduo trusted her. She was about to speak when Duoduo interjected. "She is too stingy! She would never spend money to buy votes!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Zhao Hongling was solemn as she said gravely, "The thing I was most worried about has happened. Things aren't looking very good. If the management decides that you have cheated, it will leave a huge stain on your reputation."

    Lin Yan was aware of the consequences too. A male celebrity had also cheated and his reputation and persona had been destroyed in the end. Overnight, his popularity had taken a severe beating and he had never recovered since.

    "Is there a way to clarify this?" Duoduo asked anxiously.

    Zhao Hongling shook her head. "It's not easy."

    Anxiety and panic ensued in the office.

    "What should we do..." Duoduo whined frantically.

    Zhao Hongling massaged her temples and sighed. "Actually, buying votes is common for such elections. Votes are either bought by fans or by the artist's company. In the past, the management would usually let this matter slide. To think that they would disqualify you right away... That means the order must have come from the top..."

    She knew that the Vice President of the charity organization thought highly of Lin Shuya. Thus, she could deduce what had happened.

    Duoduo sighed aloud. "It's all because of Sister Yan's tainted reputation. Everyone is in favor of her being disqualified, which is why the management went ahead and acted so swiftly. If it was any other celebrity, they wouldn't have acted so rashly on account of their fans."

    Lin Yan had nothing to retort after Duoduo said her piece.

    The fans she had gained after portraying Lin Pianruo were insignificant compared to her army of haters.

    Indeed, her haters cheered and celebrated after the disqualification announcement was made.

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    'Lin Yan has been disqualified! Ha ha ha! I'm going out to set off fireworks! What a joy!'
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