726 Hitting a Person Who Is Down

    Chapter 726: Hitting a Person Who Is Down

    Zhao Hongling stared at the public announcement with a throbbing headache.

    It took less than half an hour for the announcement to hit the top trending spot. The hashtags included 'Lin Yan's show', 'Lin Yan bought votes', and 'Lin Yan being disqualified'.

    Lin Yan was once again flooded by criticism.

    Zhao Hongling hung on to a last glimmer of hope as she tried to continue negotiating with an advertiser.

    Lin Yan had been working very hard recently. Zhao Hongling had just managed to clinch a pet product advertisement for her, and they were about to sign the contract. Unfortunately, this had just happened. She was afraid now...

    Zhao Hongling dialed a number. "Hello, Director Sun."

    "Hi, Manager Zhao. What is the matter?"

    "It's nothing urgent. I just wanted to ask about the exact date of the contract signing. Lin Yan's schedule is packed this month, so I wanted to plan ahead," Zhao Hongling said politely.

    It had never occurred to them that the other party would turn hostile at the mention of a scandal.

    "I'll try to contact him again," Zhao Hongling said gravely.

    Lin Yan glanced at Zhao Hongling and said, "Sister Ling, you can drop the idea. They have signed with an artist from Victory Entertainment."

    "What? How do you know?" Zhao Hongling was taken aback.

    Lin Yan hadn't had the chance to inform Zhao Hongling about Ling Yue. She coughed gently and said, "A friend of mine found out from a source. Her source should be trustworthy."

    Zhao Hongling got over her shock quickly as realization hit her.

    The other party was too much. Since they had found a replacement, they should have informed her instead of concealing the truth. Were they trying to keep them in suspense, or were they messing with them?

    This pet product advertisement was just the beginning... She was afraid that many future collaborations would be affected...

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