727 She Doesnt Need Any Connections

    Chapter 727: She Doesn't Need Any Connections

    Cheng Min went to the kitchen to get a bowl of chicken soup. She then began to chat casually with her mother. "Guess who I met today?"


    "Didn't you use to talk nonstop about Angel's Shelter? Today, I met the founder of Angel's Shelter. She is one of the candidates for the charity vote," Cheng Min quipped.

    The old lady's eyes glinted warmly when she heard her daughter. "Oh, is it Xiaolin? Xiaolin is a good girl! You were all so worried when I wanted to establish Angel's Shelter years ago. None of you wanted me to work so hard. Luckily, Xiaolin helped me!

    She was such a young girl and she helped me so much! She forked out money, time, and effort and never once grumbled. I like her... and so do the strays. Is she one of the candidates? Will she win?"

    It was the first time Cheng Min had witnessed her mother praising someone. She chuckled and replied, "The voting process is fair and just. There is no way anyone can use connections. If Xiaolin performs well, she will win."

    The old lady mused thoughtfully. "I never tried to use connections, as the lass refused and didn't need to either."

    The old lady then slowly ambled back to her room.

    Inside a splendid mansion located in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the capital city...

    Lin Yuetong slammed the newspaper furiously on the table. "That wretch! She has embarrassed me!"

    Lin Shuya massaged Lin Yuetong's back as she consoled him warmly. "Daddy, don't get so agitated. I think Sister doesn't have a motive. She merely wants to attend the event..."

    The more Lin Yuetong mulled over it, the more enraged he got. He had tried to matchmake that heartless wretch some time ago. To think that she would spurn his good intentions and leave him feeling embarrassed! In the end, he had offended the other man.

    When he glanced at his younger daughter, Lin Shuya, his expression softened slightly. "If only your sister could be a little like you, I wouldn't have to worry so much!"

    Lin Shuya had merely wanted Lin Yan to witness her steal the title and glory. She hadn't expected that she would be disqualified by the management due to Cheng Min's stern warnings.

    Now, Lin Yan's reputation was beyond salvation.
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