728 She Continued To Be Unaffected

    Chapter 728: She Continued To Be Unaffected

    There was no way Lin Yan could revive her career.

    The media and companies had always prioritized an artist's reputation and career. With such a huge blotch on her career, who would dare to work with her?

    Lin Yan would only remain at the bottom and get trampled by her in this industry.

    Under the circumstances, she might be able to convince the production crew of Legend to terminate the contract with Lin Yan.

    At this thought, Lin Shuya felt as though a lump had been removed from her heart. Delight finally filled her.

    She had been in poor health ever since she had been a young girl. While she had spent most of her time in hospitals, Lin Yan had stolen the limelight. She had received all the love and adoration of their parents and even their younger brother, who would stick by Lin Yan's side all day long.

    She was obviously the one who was more outstanding, yet she could only settle for hiding like a shadow behind Lin Yan...

    Even when her parents had gotten a divorce, her father had only wanted Lin Yan...

    The nicer Lin Yan was to her, the more jealous and angrier she felt. All these things belonged to her, yet Lin Yan was merely treating her as a beggar...


    She had stolen back one by one all the things that had originally been hers.

    She wanted Lin Yan to fall from grace and be defeated completely!


    "Are we still going to the charity function next week?" Duoduo asked hesitantly.

    Zhao Hongling had tried to use her connections in a bid to salvage Lin Yan's reputation, as she wanted to get an invitation for Lin Yan.

    Although Lin Yan had been removed as a candidate, she could still attend the function as a guest.

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    Lin Yan was nonchalant about the entire thing. She glanced at Zhao Hongling and said, "Sister Ling, you can decide for me."

    Thus, they should follow the original plan.
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