730 I Have Decent Self-Control

    Chapter 730: I Have Decent Self-Control

    Lin Yan suddenly comprehended what she had said and immediately felt like burrowing a hole to hide. She waved her hands wildly, "Sorry! Sorry! It was a slip of my tongue!"

    She was just reckless with her words! She had been seduced by his beauty and had blurted out what was on her mind!

    Pei Yucheng chuckled lightly. It seemed as though a weak ray of winter sunlight had penetrated the wintry darkness.

    The man quipped, "I'm afraid not."

    Lin Yan felt even more embarrassed after she heard Pei Yucheng's answer.

    Ever since she had moved in with Pei Yucheng, he had always treated her with respect and politeness. He had never invaded her privacy and had been mindful about keeping a safe distance from her.

    She had only thought that Pei Yucheng was a gentleman. In hindsight... Had Pei Yucheng been guarding himself against her?

    The heavens could be her witness. She had never once harbored ulterior motives of any kind.

    In the end, Pei Yucheng decided on the time. "Is two hours okay?"

    Lin Yan, who had just calmed down, hesitated when she heard him. "Why... would you suddenly want to chat with me?"

    "Miss Lin, you can look for me any time you want. However, unless I take the initiative, I reckon you won't look for me," replied Pei Yucheng solemnly.

    "Errr..." Instinctively, Lin Yan touched her nose.

    Why did he make her sound like a jerk?

    It seemed true, though. She had been obsessed with earning money all this time and had been even busier than Pei Yucheng. Her interactions with him had decreased ever since she had moved in.

    She had asked Pei Yucheng on a date because of that wretched fellow and she had forgotten about Pei Yucheng's birthday until that fellow had reminded her. She hadn't prepared his present or dinner...

    It seemed as though she was really a jerk...

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    "How is work?" Pei Yucheng asked off-handedly.

    If she wanted to make a triumphant return, she would use her own abilities.
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