732 VIP Invitation

    Chapter 732: VIP Invitation

    Lin Yan had just woken up the next morning when she received a phone call.

    It was a call from the head secretary of Darling's Home Charity Foundation.

    "Hi, Head Secretary Liu," answered Lin Yan.

    An excited voice rang in her ears. "You finally answered my call!"

    Lin Yan cleared her throat. "Sorry, I have been a little busy recently."

    "Is there a problem with the foundation?" She pressed on.

    "Nothing! The foundation is doing pretty well. Isn't the charity event next week? The Vice President told me to ask if you will be attending it," the man said in anticipation.

    "As usual..." Lin Yan replied.

    Lin Yan shut her eyes as she lounged on the couch.

    Years ago, she had first heard about Darling's Home Charity Foundation when she had been looking for her brother.

    The foundation hadn't been given much attention at the time. Initially, she'd made small donations, as she hadn't been earning much. After going abroad, she had increased her donations. Even now, she had been making a fixed contribution to the foundation every month.

    Other than that, she had given suggestions to the management for the foundation's fundraising and promotional campaigns, which had led to more recognition from the public.

    Many of the campaigns had won the approval of the public.

    Hence, she had been invited by the person in charge of the foundation to join them in the planning department.

    She had accepted the offer gladly.

    As time had gone by, she had risen to more prominent and important ranks in the foundation. She had been promoted to head of the planning department before taking a seat in the management hierarchy. In the time to come, she had risen to become the Vice President and then the President.

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    The charity foundation had made an exception for her by keeping her identity a secret. The Vice President had attended events and functions on her behalf whenever necessary.
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