733 I Admire Both Of You

    Chapter 733:

    I Admire Both Of You

    In a cafe somewhere...

    "It's nice to finally meet you, Manager Zhao. I've heard so much about you in the industry. Today, we can finally have a nice chat," Lin Shuya said politely.

    Zhao Hongling threw Lin Shuya and her manager a long thoughtful look. She looked as though she was trying to guess their motives for asking her out that day.

    Duoduo looked wary and hostile as she sat beside her.

    "Miss Lin, you are flattering me. Why did you ask me out today?" Zhao Hongling asked curtly.

    Lin Shuya glanced at her manager, who turned to Zhao Hongling. "Miss Zhao, I shall not beat around the bush. You should be aware of Lin Yan's predicament. I have heard that Summit Entertainment is going to terminate their contract with her.

    After all, this issue has been blown out of proportion. I reckon that Lin Yan's backer won't be able to help her any longer. Once Lin Yan is gone, there is no way you will be able to stay at Summit Entertainment.

    Given your capability and experience, it would be a waste if you stayed with Lin Yan. Shuya has told me that she was impressed by your capability."

    She had stolen Lin Yan's place in the Lin Family as well as her boyfriend. She had continued to destroy her reputation and now even wanted to steal the last remaining people around Lin Yan.

    She had even lied by saying that she admired Sister Ling...

    Of course Sister Ling was capable!

    Why would she go to a tiny subsidiary?

    Duoduo resisted the temptation to explode.

    Zhao Hongling sipped her coffee and raised her head impassively. "Sorry, Miss Lin. I don't plan on changing jobs."

    Duoduo chimed in hastily. "Me neither."

    Lin Shuya hadn't expected Zhao Hongling and Duoduo to reject her outright. Her expression hardened unconsciously.

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    Lin Shuya's manager was solemn and forbidding. "Miss Zhao, are you looking down on the size of House of Millions Media?
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