734 Have You Heard the Rumors?

    Chapter 734: Have You Heard the Rumors?

    Duoduo sneered coldly. "I don't think you truly admire us. It's because we are with Lin Yan, right? Miss Lin, you may seem as though you care for your sister very much, but behind her back, you have done all sorts of repulsive and despicable things. Do your fans know who you really are?"

    Lin Shuya narrowed her eyes and replied in confusion, "I don't quite understand you, Miss Qian. Did my sister say something to the two of you? It seems as though there has been a misunderstanding..."

    Exasperation and anger bubbled in Duoduo's stomach. Lin Shuya was deliberately putting on an act right now by pretending she didn't understand.

    Zhao Hongling cast a meaningful look at Duoduo and replied calmly, "Sorry, please ignore Duoduo's remarks. Miss Lin, thank you for your kind offer, but we don't have any plans of jumping ship to another company. Sorry."

    She had been betrayed by the artist she had groomed personally. Then, she had been sacked by the company she had slogged her life away for. Lin Yan was the one who had helped her and had brought her and Duoduo to Summit Entertainment.

    How could she betray Lin Yan to go to Lin Shuya's company?

    Duoduo shared the same sentiment as Zhao Hongling. She had misunderstood Lin Yan initially and had always treated her meanly. However, after some time, she had realized that Lin Yan was very different from the rumors.

    On the contrary, Lin Shuya was the one who was truly scheming and sly.

    "Okay, thank you."

    Lin Yan tore the envelope and pulled out an invitation to the charity event from Head Secretary Liu.

    Unlike other lavish, extravagant party invitations, the charity event's invitation was made from recycled paper. It was simple and down-to-earth.

    However, this VIP invitation was different from the one Sister Ling had gotten her.

    The normal invitation was light gray in color, while the VIP invitation was pale gold. The seats were near the stage as well.

    Those seats were reserved exclusively for VIPs and government officials.

    Duoduo, who was lost in thought, didn't notice the invitation in Lin Yan's hands. She hesitated for some time before she asked, "Sister Yan, have you heard the rumors going around the company?"

    "Rumors? What rumors?" Lin Yan blinked in confusion.

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    Duoduo looked grave. "There is a rumor... that the company is going to terminate your contract..."
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